This summer, live the beach with dogs!

On The Blue Greyhound we love to enjoy life with a dog in all its facets: from a shared nap loose on the sofa, to rolling around together in the grass like puppies. And now that the warmth is approaching, what about a good dip on the beach? So that this summer you can practice our philosophy of life, We advise you and we list the Spanish canine beaches so that you can enjoy a summer with a dog in a big way.Integrated Images 1

The beach with dogs is more cool

Suntan lotion, towel, parasol, the smell of the sea, the waves playing with your feet, a good omelette sandwich and ... a large sign announcing a "no dogs".

Being able to go to the beach with your dog was unthinkable a few years ago. If you liked the sea and you had a furry friend, you could only dabble to remote beaches during the winter and you didn't even consider stepping on the sand in summer at the risk of suffering a good fine. To keep things as they were, residents and hoteliers in tourist areas justified themselves by saying things like "dogs only make you shit" and "they are going to scare away tourists."

But in Spain things are changing and very much in favor of our dogs.

dog beach

Thanks to the claims of the owners, their civility and the boom in dog tourism, more towns join the initiative and every year we have new beaches for dogs. The authorities have given us a vote of confidence and in return they have received a spike of canine Sundays on their shores, who strive to make the beaches cleaner than they found them. For all these reasons, those horrible signs that prohibited our four-legged colleagues from stepping on the sand have become others that invite us to enjoy the waves together with our dog.

And you, Do you join the dog t-shirt? 😉

Tips for enjoying the beach with your dog

Dog beach

To have a good beach day with your dog, it is recommended that you take into account a series of tips:

  1. Respect the rules of the dog beachThey are always usually specified on a large sign at the main entrance to the beach.
  2. Always watch your dog. If the beach allows loose dogs, do not sleep under the umbrella. Your dog would not be the first to steal sandwiches from other Sunday people while they take a dip in the sea 😉
  3. Always carry a good number of bags so there is no poop left to collect.
  4. Avoid the hottest hours to carry out any activity because your dog can suffer a heat stroke.
  5. And if you walk, spend the whole day on the beach, Provide a shady area so that your dog can lie down in the shade and avoid the hottest hours with a good nap. Get a good umbrella or a beach shop that they sell in the sports sections.
  6. Put on high factor sunscreen. Dogs also burn their skin and areas with less hair are more exposed. Apart from encouraging him to rest in the shade, you can put sunscreen at the beginning of the muzzle, ears and stomach, always making sure that he does not ingest it when licking.
  7. Take care of the pads. Depending on the material of the beach or the type of sand, your dog can damage the pads. On pebble beaches, wounds and chafing in the interdigital spaces are common; while on dark sand beaches, burns are. To avoid this, you can use special ointments that harden their pads against heat and chafing or, if they are used to it, special beach boots.
  8. Keep your dog well hydrated. Renew the water in his drinking fountain so that it is clean and fresh, add a couple of ice cubes and give him cool snacks between meals, such as homemade ice cream for dogs or wet food snacks.
  9. Feed him in the coolest hours of the day, it will have more appetite and you will facilitate its digestion.
  10. Encourage him to cool off in the water. Certain dogs have a harder time taking a dip than others, but with patience and your company, even the most fearful will end up getting their paws wet. Remember that you are at the beach to have fun together, so, rather than force him, try to play with him so that he can venture into the waves.
  11. Don't forget to bring him a bed so that he can lie down. Finer for sandy beaches and chubbier so that you can rest without breaking a stone on the pebble beaches.
  12. Get dog toys designed to float in waterSo you can play without losing your favorite stuffed animal in the tide.

Dogs playing in the sand

List of beaches for dogs in Spain 2022

In our list we list by Autonomous Community and province the beaches for dogs that they are official and those that allow dog access during the summer.


The beaches for dogs authorized for 2022 in Andalusia are:

  2. CADIZ:
  4. HUELVA:
  5. MALAGA:


The beaches for dogs enabled for 2022 in Asturias are:



The beaches for dogs enabled for 2022 in the Balearic Islands are:

    • Cala Blanca in Andratx.
    • Es Carnatge beach in Palma de Mallorca. 
    • Cala Gamba in Palma de Mallorca.
    • Llenaire beach in Port of Pollença. 
    • Na Patana beach in Santa Margalida.
    • Cala Binigaus in It is Migjorn Gran.
    • Cala Escorxada in It is Migjorn Gran.
    • Cala Fustam in It is Migjorn Gran.
  3. IBIZA:
    • A small area of It is Faralló.
    • A stretch of coast in the southern area of Santa Eulària des Riu.

Canary Islands

The beaches for dogs enabled for the 2022 in the Canary Islands are:

    • Tres Peos beach in Agüimes.
    • Cuervitos beach in Agüimes.
    • Bocabarranco beach in The Gran Canarian palms.
    • Playa de las Coloradas in The Afre.
  3. THE PALM:
    • Los Guirres beach in Tazacorte.
    • El Confital Beach in San Miguel de Abona.
    • El Cabezo Beach in El Médano.
    • The Little Port of Güimar in Güimar.


The beaches for dogs enabled for the 2022 in Cantabria are:

    • Arcisero beach in Castro Urdiales.
    • Cala Cargadero Mioño in Castro Urdiales.
    • Oriñón dock in Castro Urdiales.
    • La Maza beach in San Vicente de la Barquera.
    • La Riberuca beach in Suances.
    • El Puntal beach in we are.
    • Arenal del Jortín on Soto de la Marina.


The beaches for dogs authorized for 2022 in Catalonia are:

  2. GIRONA:

Valencian Community

The beaches for dogs enabled for 2022 in Valencia are:



The beaches for dogs enabled for the 2022 in Galicia are:



The beaches for dogs enabled for the 2022 in Murcia are:

  1. MURCIA:
    • La Cañada del Negro beach in Eagles.
    • Playa de las Cobaticas in Mazarron.
    • Gachero beach in Mazarron.
    • Las Moreras beach in Mazarron.

Dog in the sea

Dog bathing

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