bañadores y toallas a juego con los galgos
The Blue Greyhound

Bañadores y toallas a juego con los galgos para disfrutar juntos del verano

Con la llegada del calor y de las vacaciones, a veces nos asaltan las dudas de las cosas que podemos hacer y no en compañía de nuestros amigos perrunos. Para todas las mamás que tienen galguitis aguda, traemos las mejores ideas para ir a la última en la mejor compañía este verano, con un montón de planes donde refrescarse y

The importance of ranges for greyhounds

The importance of beds for the rest of greyhounds or sighthounds

For all those who suffer from acute greyhound, and for those who have not yet been diagnosed, today we bring one more reason to expand the family with one or more greyhounds. Greyhounds' rest time is essential for their development, and that is why we bring you an article on the importance of beds for

three point harnesses for greyhounds

Why are three-point harnesses used on greyhounds and sighthounds?

As we have said on other occasions, the moment of the walk makes our furry companion happy, so it is important that they are well secured. We tell you why three-point harnesses are used in greyhounds and why they are a very good option for our dog's walk. What are three point harnesses? We start with

Martingale are the best collars for greyhounds

Why Martingale Are the Best Collars for Greyhounds or Sighthounds

The walk is usually one of the favorite moments of the day for our dogs, so it is very important to have a walking material that is comfortable for both of us and also safe. The walks can be full of stimuli that cause the dog to pull on the leash, so it is very important that the harness or

Dungarees to protect the skin of greyhounds

Dungarees to protect the skin of greyhounds in summer from cuts and scratches

Greyhounds are dogs with very sensitive skin, so we must protect them from scratches and cuts that can be made when they run free and happy in the field. We can use sweaters and sweatshirts to take care of their skin, in addition to keeping them warm, but this type of clothing may not be the most appropriate for them to run and play,

How to care for dog pads

How to take care of dog pads every day

The pads of our dogs are very resistant, but at the same time they are also very sensitive. If we live in the city, they are exposed to conditions that are not too favorable, but if we live in a country area, stones or chips can be nailed, among other things. This means that we must look at them and take care of them so that those little shoes allow them to run

How to care for greyhound skin

7 tips to take care of your greyhound's skin and coat

Galguetes are dogs that fall in love, but their beauty is intensified more when their skin and coat are well cared for. Something that, of course, also makes them gain in health. But do you know how to take care of your greyhound's skin? It is not necessary to spend a lot of time, just follow these quick and easy tips so that the skin and

Why is greyhound fur so thin?

Why is greyhound fur so thin? How to protect it?

Greyhounds are very special dogs in every way and they have many peculiarities that make them unique. One of these peculiarities is that, unlike other furry greyhounds, greyhounds have very thin skin. This makes them more cold than others and also easily injured when they run happily in nature. But

How to protect your greyhound's fur from cuts and scratches

Tips to protect your greyhound's fur from cuts and scratches

Galguetes love to run free in the countryside and in the mountains, but sometimes they get so excited that they get into trees and bushes and make small wounds and scratches on their skin. This is because they have very short hair and because they barely have fat. But everything has a solution, we explain how to protect the skin from

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