personality traits in greyhounds

The main personality traits of greyhounds

If adopting a dog is a thought that runs through our heads, the most common thing is that we look for breeds that are better adapted to our lifestyle. On many occasions, the choice is made purely for aesthetic reasons and, normally, we tend to make mistakes in such a way that we cannot cover the basic needs of our dog. A great example of it

greyhound identification tag

The importance of identification plates for your greyhound

One of the biggest fears of any mom and dad of doggies is the moment in which this can be lost. We do not even want to imagine the anguish that living it means, therefore, any precaution is little. Currently, by law, all our colleagues have a chip where all their information is collected. Sometimes, they can find the dog when the veterinarian

the kangaroo hound, the australian greyhound

The Kangaroo Hound, the Australian greyhound that is probably extinct

Throughout history there have been many changes in the breeds of dogs, and it is that if we see old photos, of how the breeds were at the beginning of their existence, with the first crosses, to how they are now, you can see a lot of changes. Today we are going to talk about some of the greyhound breeds that


The best accessories for greyhound lovers

At El galgo Azul we love to fill our furry friends with new ideas and accessories. But it's that from time to time it's time to focus on moms and dads with acute galguitis. Because there are no greater lovers of greyhounds than us, and you, who are reading this article; today we bring a compilation of those who like so much.


Clothes for greyhounds that you can also use in summer, tricks to protect and refresh

The heat is pressing and suddenly it seems that we are planted in the middle of summer with 30 degrees in the shade. If we humans are caught off guard, we don't want to imagine what our furry companions must be having. For this reason, as at El Galgo Azul we like to manage very well, we are going to tell you some tricks about clothes for greyhounds that

Dog beach
Dogfriendy plans

This summer, live the beach with dogs!

At El Galgo Azul we love to enjoy life with a dog in all its facets: from a shared nap on the sofa, to rolling around together in the grass as puppies. And now that the warmth is approaching, what about a good dip on the beach? So that this summer you can practice our philosophy of life, we advise you and

dog and cat father's day gift ideas

Some ideas to give to the dog and cat dad the next Father's Day

Father's Day is coming, one of our dog love team's favorite dates. And just as we always talk about our dog and cat moms, we also love to brag about the dads of greyhounds, and all kinds of doggies and puppies. Because to make a good ruling on March 19, you only do

why do I see so many greyhounds on the street

Why do I see so many greyhounds on the street?

It is increasingly common to see dog moms and dads, showing off their greyhound on the street. And it seems that it has recently become one of the breeds that has become fashionable. Either because of their peaceful character, because of their good coexistence, how comfortable it is to live with them in a flat, or

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