Dungarees to protect the skin of greyhounds

Dungarees to protect the skin of greyhounds in summer from cuts and scratches

Greyhounds are dogs with very sensitive skin, so we must protect them from scratches and cuts that can be made when they run free and happy in the field. We can use sweaters and sweatshirts to take care of their skin, in addition to keeping them warm, but this type of clothing may not be the most appropriate for them to run and play,

How to care for dog pads

How to take care of dog pads every day

The pads of our dogs are very resistant, but at the same time they are also very sensitive. If we live in the city, they are exposed to conditions that are not too favorable, but if we live in a country area, stones or chips can be nailed, among other things. This means that we must look at them and take care of them so that those little shoes allow them to run

How to care for greyhound skin

7 tips to take care of your greyhound's skin and coat

Galguetes are dogs that fall in love, but their beauty is intensified more when their skin and coat are well cared for. Something that, of course, also makes them gain in health. But do you know how to take care of your greyhound's skin? It is not necessary to spend a lot of time, just follow these quick and easy tips so that the skin and

Why is greyhound fur so thin?

Why is greyhound fur so thin? How to protect it?

Greyhounds are very special dogs in every way and they have many peculiarities that make them unique. One of these peculiarities is that, unlike other furry greyhounds, greyhounds have very thin skin. This makes them more cold than others and also easily injured when they run happily in nature. But

How to protect your greyhound's fur from cuts and scratches

Tips to protect your greyhound's fur from cuts and scratches

Galguetes love to run free in the countryside and in the mountains, but sometimes they get so excited that they get into trees and bushes and make small wounds and scratches on their skin. This is because they have very short hair and because they barely have fat. But everything has a solution, we explain how to protect the skin from


The clothes for greyhounds to be at home that you will love

Greyhounds are very cold dogs and sometimes a dose of doggy love on the sofa is not enough to warm them up, so we have to help them a little with clothes designed and thought for them. Also at home, during the colder months, it is necessary to protect them. Here we list the clothes for greyhounds


Why do greyhounds get colder in winter than other dogs?

Dogs, in general, cope better with cold than heat. However, there are some who, due to their hair type and body fat, are not like that and can have a very bad time when temperatures drop, even making them sick. Greyhounds would be within this group. We explain why greyhounds are colder in winter

The Blue Greyhound

Galician fabric masks

These months we have experienced a situation that has lasted longer than we would like, and with this we see that fabric masks have become the new accessory for this summer. As we did not want to be left behind, we have created a collection of fabric masks with our dog prints. These fabric masks are double layer

The Blue Greyhound

The most galguil style for the new season!

Soon a year ago we started creating our first dog clothes. Therefore, we want to tell you a little more about this important part of El Galgo Azul. The STUDIO collection arises from our collaboration with Presumida Gatita. We knew their work and it seemed the perfect opportunity to join two workshops that have such a long history

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