How to put a harness on a dog in the most comfortable and quick way

He harness It is an essential accessory for walking your dog peacefully. Not all dogs are the same, especially when it comes to walk time, as there are pets that get anxious to leave the house, but there are also very calm dogs. That is why it is very important know how to put a harness on a dog easily, quickly and, above all, safely.

Choosing the best harness for your dog

Before telling you how to put a harness on a dog, it is important that you know choose the most suitable accessory for your pet. How to choose the best harness for your dog? The first thing you should know is that today there is a great offer of harnesses on the market and you must take into account the use that is going to be given to this accessory. A harness is not the same quiet walks what for train to your pet.

However, a very important point to consider is the breed and temperament of your pet. Dog anatomy varies between breeds, starting with sizes. Furthermore, temperament also says a lot about type of harness you need. It is best to choose a harness that is easy to put on, since this avoids handling the pet excessively.

The XY harness can be used by all types of dogs

For the most nervous or anxious pets, then nothing like the XY harness that you can find exclusively at El Galgo Azul. It's about a 360º anti-escape harness designed for greyhounds, but it is compatible with all dogs. Why choose an XY harness? Its design is unique and allows you to comfortably hug the entire pet ribcage and without damaging sensitive areas. The front part of the accessory forms a Y that provides freedom of movement. On the other hand, an

This harness is provided by a second belt It is placed over the last ribs and prevents the pet from removing the harness on its own. This harness is perfect not only if your pet is shy, but it is also great for quiet walks and even the most active in the mountains or the countryside. It is also the complement you need for the car trips. We tell you that this harness has a handle which allows you to pick up your pet quickly and control it if necessary. The strap clips onto either three rings of the XY harness and it adjusts to the type of ride. You can place it on the front ring, on the spine and even on the handle.

How to put a harness on a dog?

Do you already have the harness for your pet? It's time to learn how to put it on!

Before putting the harness on your pet

When it comes to learning how to put a harness on a dog, the first thing is get familiar with the accessory. But not only you, your pet must also get used to it. To do this, present it and let it sniff it for a few minutes before putting it directly on. Because? Because if you put the harness on right away, your dog could get scared, which would make it difficult for you to put it on. And of course, before you get to work, learn how the harness works, that is, its parts, how to put it on and take it off.

Position the harness

When you have learned the harness operation, it's time to position it correctly. It's easy to get confused with so many tapes, but we make it easy for you. In the case of XY harness and other types of harnesses, the Y shape It should always remain on the pet's chest or front. In addition to recognizing the Y, another way to orient the harness is by identifying the ring position where the leash will be hooked, however, this trick works for the simplest harnesses that only have one ring.

Place the accessory

Each accessory is different and steps to put it vary:

  • Overhead harness. In this case, you will need to slide the harness over your pet's head and fasten the clip below your dog's chest. Then adjust the straps around the body of the pet and behind the front legs.
  • Harness step-in. This harness is placed using triangles in which the pet's paws must be placed to slide the harness. These are located on both sides of the chest tape. The other straps are then fastened around the dog's body.

Adjust the ribbons

Before going for a walk it is important adjust the harness straps very well to prevent your pet from escaping or being injured by rubbing. It is best to observe your dog with the harness on at home for a few minutes and then proceed to make adjustments. We tell you that the harness must be very well held so it doesn't fall while your dog is sitting or lying down. Additionally, you must have certain slack so that the pet feels comfortable. How to know? The infallible trick is put two fingers under of any of the accessory straps. If you can do this, it means the harness is on correctly. Careful! It shouldn't be too loose.

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