The best fashion accessories for greyhounds

Greyhounds are slender and elegant dogs and those of us who share our lives with them know that they are very cold. Taking into account the time of year in which we find ourselves, in today's post we are going to give you ideas of fashion accessories for greyhounds and other breeds of dogs.

We know that our pets deserve the best, that's why all the clothes we sell in The Blue Greyhound we make them to measure and with a lot of love, so that they can enjoy them both on the street and at home.

Waterproof coat: the ideal greyhound fashion accessory for winter

The star item of greyhound fashion accessories. With our trench-coat Your greyhound will be looking forward to going for a walk regardless of how cold or rainy it is on the street. Thanks to the combination of windbreaks on the outside and the micropolar layer that it has inside, it will be impossible for the cold to penetrate and it will also help your greyhound to maintain its body heat. In addition to being Easy to put on and take off, these waterproof coats adapt perfectly to the movements of your dog.

We also have lighter raincoats for spring. Its windproof membrane will prevent the cold from entering and it also has a rope inside the neck that adjusts and allows the head to be covered in case of rain.


A basic article but that is ideal for halftime because it continues to protect our dogs from the cold. Its opening by means of a zipper, allows us to easily open and close the vest, which makes it easy to set up. Furthermore, it is combinable with other garments such as sweatshirts with legs of the Blue Greyhound.

Petos: one of the most essential greyhound fashion accessories

The skin of the greyhounds is very delicate and sometimes running through the field can get a few scratches because of the branches and bushes, that's why at the Galgo Azul we have the ideal accessory to avoid this type of injury: our dungarees.

In addition to avoiding these wounds, the fluorine colors that our prints have they will make it very easy to identify your furry friend at all times. Additionally, you can wet them to lower their body temperature in the summer when temperatures are very high.


Another of the fashion accessories for greyhounds are the sweatshirts, a versatile and ideal garment for autumn-winter. A light and adjustable garment. In addition, the inside of the neck is lined with coral fabric to provide more warmth to our dog friend. Ideal so that you do not take it off either inside or outside the home.

fashion accessories for greyhound


Are you one of those who cannot avoid getting up at night to cover your greyhound and prevent it from getting cold? That is going to end thanks to our collection of pajamas. A soft, warm and comfortable pajama that your dog will not want to take off. In addition, he will go to bed looking great because all our pajamas have very original prints.


Finally, the jewel in the crown of greyhound fashion accessories: the bathrobe. What a drama when we take our furry friend out of the shower dripping wet and he runs off shaking himself and leaving everything wet. From the Galgo Azul we have the perfect solution for you. Put on one of our bathrobes before you get out of the shower to absorb all the water easily the water accumulated in its fur, avoiding shakes and facilitating drying.

It is important that when buying accessories for your greyhound, keep in mind that they must be comfortable, safe and do not restrict their movement.

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