The main differences between collars and martingales for greyhounds

Greyhound collars and martingales are a common accessory used to attach a leash and direct the dog during a walk. As you know, there are several types of collars with different purposes: training, anti-pull, identification, etc. ANDIt is very important to choose the right one for your furry and adjust it correctly to avoid any type of damage to its neck..

On The Blue Greyhound we work two types of collars for our dog friends: the Click necklaces and the Martingale necklaces. Do you want to know how they differ?

Differences between collars and martingales for greyhounds

In The Blue Greyhound we create different accessories for dogs taking care of even the smallest detail. It is our way of thanking you for all that you give us without asking for anything in return.

In the category of necklaces we can find the Clic models and the Martingales models. Let's see how each one differs.

Click Necklaces

these necklaces made of nylon and antifreeze plastic closure They are very resistant and ideal for the most playful dogs, since they resist even the most intense games. Can choose between the different most popular patterns from our website, making your furry always fashionable.

You can wash it as many times as you want because It will never fade! Also, you can combine them with their straps matching and be the sensation in your walks.

Collars and martingales

Martingale Necklaces

Martingale collars are normally designed for greyhounds and other sighthounds as they help prevent escape and the scares that this causes, but they can be used by any dog.

What is the best dog collar?

The answer to this question will depend on its type of fur and the function you want to perform with this collar.. For example, yesIf your dog has long fur, a harness can damage the fur if you wear it all day. EITHER if you are training him, we recommend that you do use of martingale collars.

The ideal way to choose the best collar for your dog is keep in mind these three characteristics: to be resistant, comfortable and identification (to be able to put a plate with contact information).

We love animals, that's why All the necklaces we design we do with their comfort and well-being in mind.. The necklaces martingales are very soft to the touch to avoid hurting your neck. You have a lot of variety of designs waiting for you and, in addition, you can also combine them with their matching straps!

If you still want more, on our website we also have the best fashion accessories for greyhounds. Look at them!

All our products are designed and made by hand. with lots of doggy love. The Blue Greyhound goes beyond a brand, we want to make known how wonderful greyhounds are and contribute to the fight against the situation of abandonment and mistreatment they suffer. That's why, 5% of the benefit of your purchase goes directly to associations committed to animal rescue.

We know that when a dog enters our lives everything changes, that's why we need to shout from the four winds that there is none like dog love!

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