7 curiosities about greyhounds that you surely did not know

Being one of the oldest and most fascinating dog breeds in the world, surely there are several curiosities about greyhounds that we do not know about.

On The Blue Greyhound we are not a simple Greyhound accessory store and other dogs, we are a brand inspired by dog love. All of us suffer from acute galguitis and we want to make known how wonderful these furry dogs can be.

Without further ado, here they go the most curious facts about greyhounds that you probably didn't know.

7 curiosities about greyhounds that will make you like them even more

Greyhounds are often considered to be elegant and fast animals, almost always related to racing. But these dogs go further.

From their exceptional vision and graceful posture, to their special diet and emotional sensitivity, greyhounds are truly a treasure in the world of dogs.

It is the oldest breed of dog

Greyhounds are one of the oldest dog breeds in existence. They are believed to have more than 4,000 years old and that they originate from the Middle East. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans highly valued greyhounds and used them for hunting and companionship.

Speed in its purest form

Yes, we have all heard of the famous greyhound races. In fact, This animal can reach speeds of up to 72 km/h in short runs. However, despite being fast and agile dogs, they are also known for their calm and relaxed demeanor around the house.

One of the best curiosities about greyhounds: they are good for allergy sufferers

If you are allergic to dogs, greyhounds may be a great option for you. They have a short-haired coat and do not shed much, making them a hypoallergenic breed. However, as is recommended with any dog before adoption, it is important to spend some time with a greyhound before adoption to ensure that it will not cause any allergic reactions.

various curiosities about greyhounds

Greyhounds have a huge heart

And literally. Despite its relatively small size, the heart of this furry is much bigger compared to other dogs. This allows them to pump large amounts of blood and oxygen to your muscles, which helps them run at incredible speeds for long periods of time.

They have a very flexible neck

Another peculiarity about greyhounds is that They have a very flexible neck that allows them to turn their head almost 270 degrees.. This ability is useful when chasing fast prey like rabbits, as it allows them to easily track their movement.

They are good swimmers

Although greyhounds are known more for running than for swimming, the reality is that this animal is very good swimmer. They have a streamlined build that allows them to move easily in the water. In addition, their short, dense hair provides them with buoyancy.

Their sensitivity, one of the most outstanding curiosities about greyhounds

the greyhounds They are very sensitive and emotional dogs.. They are very receptive to the emotions and moods of their owners and can feel sadness, happiness and many other human emotions. This sensitivity makes them excellent therapy companions and emotional support dogs.

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