What should you do if you see an abandoned greyhound on the street?

Sadly finding an abandoned greyhound is not something very rare, since according to SEPRONA between 50,000 and 60,000 greyhounds a year are abandoned (although most of the complaints for abandonment are not executed, which would increase that number). A fairly recurring period of abandonment of greyhounds is usually in February when the hunting season ends. This end of the season becomes the second cause of abandonment of dogs in our country. That's why since The Blue Greyhound We want to give you some guidelines to follow in case you find an abandoned greyhound on the street and you don't know what to do.

How do I get close to him?

The normal thing when you find the animal is that it is scared and disoriented, and therefore will avoid approaching you. Gaining their trust will be a slow process, because if the animal has suffered any kind of abuse, it will not let itself be touched. You should speak to him in a soft, friendly tone and crouch down so that he sees you as an equal and not a threat. We will get your attention by water and food. It is very important that you give him food and something to drink, since he can be hungry and thirsty.

The first day it will be impossible to catch him, since as we have mentioned before, he will be scared. Therefore, when you see that the dog is relaxed, wag its tail or lower its head, crouch down again at its height and approach it with your hand with the palm facing up so that it smells you and sees that you are trustworthy.

abandoned greyhound

What do I do if the abandoned greyhound does not have a chip?

Once we manage to get him to safety, we recommend take it to a vet so they can tell you for free whether or not the animal has an identification chip. If you have it, it is most likely that it has been lost and its owners are looking for it. In case there is been abandoned, even if you have a chip, you should report it to the police, since it is punishable by 1 year in prison or fines of up to €2,500.

If, on the contrary, the animal It does not have an identification chip, and it has been abandoned, you would have to contact a protector to take care of it.. Leaving it abandoned on the street again is not a possibility, there will always be someone willing to help. You can contact protectors, veterinary clinics, pet stores or any place where you may be interested in adopting an animal.

Can I keep it?

If you have made sure that the greyhound has been abandoned and not lost, you can offer him a home and carry out the necessary procedures for his adoption. It is important that you take him to a veterinary clinic to perform a check-up, deworm and catch up with the necessary vaccinations.

When your greyhound is in its new home, it's important that you don't force the issue. It is recommended that the first days we have him in a unique space for him with all his comforts like water, food and a bed to rest. Even if you see that the animal is scared and does not approach you, it is recommended that you still try interact with him so that he becomes familiar with your smell and your voice and gains confidence with you.

Abandonment is one of the most traumatic experiences an animal can experience and thanks to your help and involvement you can make that experience a little less traumatic.

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