Everything you need so that your greyhound does not get cold this fall

The autumn arrival is being a little late, but our furry little ones are the first to start noticing it. And it is that between races and walks, we may notice our greyhounds these days, a little shakier than usual. But there is no need to be alarmed, because at El Galgo Azul we come as always with a suitcase loaded with supplies. Or rather, with our waykend full of clothes and accessories for greyhound. Today we tell you everything you need so that your greyhound does not get cold this fall, and with what is also going to be to eat it.

Clothes so that your greyhound does not get cold this Autumn

And we are going to make a list of the must to have that your furry needs to face autumn, that more than preparing for the cold, it consists of having a little of everything. We'll make a "just in case" list with all our dog love, from most to least important. Because it It is essential to be prepared for what may happen. Take note because this is really important. The spooky season can surprise us with any storm.

Coat or raincoat, an off-road garment

The best for be prepared for any weather change, is to always carry with our furry, a trench-coat. It does not need to be a polar, since an extreme temperature has not yet reached that makes the planet tremble. our greyhound or greyhound. But it is important that it is resistant to rain, because it is going to be the water factor, the determinant of whether they are cold or not during the return home.

For this, in our online store You can choose between all the models of softshell raincoats, with which your furry will go warm, protected from the cold and above all, from the rain. Well, it's a chore to get home soaked, not just to stain everything when they get home, if not because of how badly they have it on the way, wet and shivering.

Sweatshirts and sweaters to keep warm without humidity

Another way to prevent your greyhound from getting cold these crazy mid-season days, it's put on our quintessential garment autumn winter, the Sweatshirts and sweaters for greyhounds from our store. This garment will keep warm without being excessively warm, it also molds perfectly to your body, allowing you total freedom of movement.

It is designed especially for them, and handmade as all clothes for greyhounds that we have in our store. And it is that it is a basic wardrobe garment for acute galguitis, because in addition protects your body and skin from all kinds of scrapes or scratches. We have recently incorporated some of the pencil face collection and we love how they fit.

your greyhound will not be cold this fall

Pajamas so your greyhound doesn't get cold at night

We have already spoken on other occasions of how important it is the good rest for the greyhounds. And it is that it is one of the breeds that needs more hours of sleep, despite being quite active when they go out, and that they like to run and expend energy, they need a lot of sleep. And not only sleep, of course, they need to rest.

For a good rest they have to have an ideal temperature and that is why it is important that they have suitable bedding, Like the greyhound pajamas So warm for fall and winter. Pajamas are the ultimate solution for prevent your dog from waking up from the cold overnight. Well, in this way you will prevent it from uncovering, you will be able to move freely and will maintain body heat.

In addition, as they are made to measure for them, they keep all the ergonomics so that move freely, and we can't help but say that they are absolutely cute. One of our favorites is the lilac pencil face pajamas. And it is that as soon as you see how comfortable they are with them, you won't want to take it off.

With these tips your greyhound will not be cold

If you follow these tips and have any of the things on the list, you can sleep soundly because you are prepared for the arrival of the time change. And do not forget contact us If you have any questions or are looking for an order or some concrete measures of some of our models.

Remember that in addition to what we recommend in this article, you can take a tour of the The blue greyhound online store to see the news, that we always have something new to teach you made with all the dog love.

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