The importance of beds for the rest of greyhounds or sighthounds

For all who suffer from acute galguitis, and for those who have yet to be diagnosed, today we bring one more reason to expand the family with one or more greyhounds. Greyhounds' rest time is essential for their development, and that is why we bring you an article about the importance of beds for the rest of the greyhounds or sighthounds.

Hours of sleep

Despite what is generally believed, Greyhounds are a very calm and easygoing breed of dog. Although throughout history it has been used for racing, hunting and all kinds of speed work, greyhounds are gentle, calm and affectionate animals.

Throughout the day They sleep for about 18 hours, and they are not particularly active animals. They really like to be lying down, resting and gathering energy for the moment of going out. Despite this, even if they like to run a lot, they do not need an excessive expenditure of energy, a couple of walks a day of about 20 minutes is enoughAlthough if you can accompany your friend to take a few races, you will make him very, very happy.

The importance of the beds for the rest of the greyhounds

After this expenditure of energy, and all the fatigue they accumulate, like to sleep on a comfortable and warm surface.

This happens because greyhounds they do not accumulate any body fat and have very thin skinThat is why it is important that your resting place is soft and cozy. If they lie on the floor they will be uncomfortable during rest because being so stylized, the ossicles prevent them from accommodating themselves on hard surfaces.

The importance of cams for greyhounds

Warm and cozy beds

Also important have a bed for them where they can cover themselves with a blanket, a sheet, or any element that provides heat. Although greyhounds are the dogs with the highest body temperature, they lose a lot of heat because they have no fat to keep it inside their body.

All living beings lower their temperature when they sleep, the heart beats slower and the body goes into energy saving mode, that is why it is important that during sleep they can be covered if they need it, so as not to interrupt your rest due to uncomfortable sensations of cold or thermal drops.

The ideal is to choose a cover for the bed, that adapts to its shape and does not come off, and is able to provide the heat that our furry needs without losing it due to moving or changing position during the night.

How to choose the right bed?

To know what type of bed to choose You can take into account several factors, taking a look at the options that we propose you will be able to choose the best one bed for the rest of your furry companion.

It has to be a comfortable bed, with enough padding so that you can sleep soundly, and if possible lined with a soft but resistant fabric, since, when sleeping so many hours, it is very possible that the greyhounds wear out the bed a lot. It also has to have a lined surface that is resistant to cuts, scratches, or any type of exterior element that can deteriorate the structure of the bed.

It is also very good that the bottom is waterproofIn this way, even if the floor is damp, cold or even wet, the humidity will not pass from the surface of the bed.

Portable Greyhound Beds

Although it is not very common for greyhounds to sleep outside, they also there are portable beds, to be able to take them anywhere and thus be able to provide your friend a restful sleep wherever you go.

Portable beds are very good option for any type of trip, vacation, overnight visits or excursions of summer in canine company.

He rest is a fundamental part for the development of greyhounds, do not deprive him of a restful sleep because he does not have an element necessary for his comfort.

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