Why are three-point harnesses used on greyhounds and sighthounds?

As we have said on other occasions, the moment of the walk makes our furry companion happy, so it is important that they are well secured. We tell you why they are used three point harnesses in greyhounds and why they are a very good option for our dog's walk.

What are three point harnesses?

We start at the beginning, explaining what we are talking about. Within the restraints for dogs, there are several options. One of them are harness, which as a general rule usually have two attachment points: neck and chest.

But when we talk about three-point harnesses, we talk about this type of article, but with three areas of support: neck, chest and back. In this way the dogs are much more restrained and can avoid more than one unexpected scare for both him and us. Taking our most subject friend is not synonymous with bad treatment of the animal, on the contrary. The fact of holding our partner well can be great for escapist dogs who manage to get rid of the harness, or for those dogs who are very fearful and their impulse is to run as soon as they get scared.

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three-point harnesses for greyhounds or sighthounds

Why three point harnesses for greyhounds?

Greyhounds with very thin animals, have a fairly small head and a very fine neck, so they come off the harness and collar very easily. In addition, their hair is usually quite thin and weak, so it does not represent an obstacle for the fastening element that we use with them to move. These motifs make greyhounds the ideal audience for three-point harnesses, because in this way we get them to be held by the neck, chest and back.

All these grip points allow many advantages, the first is that they are very cute. There is no better model than greyhounds to show off a nice three-point harness, with how stylized they are, they look great on them. We can also continue for the advantage of the control that we are going to have, not only to avoid surprise escapes, but also to be able to walk quietly through the city, having a clear conscience and knowing that if a problem arises, we will be able to control the shock of our greyhound.

On the other hand and as a last advantage, we talk about the pull that the collar or harness can hit if we are in a dangerous situation. When dogs get scared and receive a strong tug to protect them, the pain caused by this tug causes them to associate the leash with stress. And we do not want this phenomenon to take place in the mind of our friend, because we would be throwing away his favorite moment. These three-point harnesses, by distributing the restraint, avoid that a strap pull is painful, that is why we maintain the protection and safety of our greyhound.

How do you know which harness is suitable?

First what we must do is know the measurements of our dog.

Since we are talking about three-point harnesses, the ideal would be to measure the contour of the neck and chest. And also the distance between them, and the back. In this way we can find the right size and our greyhound will be much happier with clothes made to measure.

Another important point is the harness qualityDue to the sensitivity of greyhounds, it is necessary that the harness be made with great care and good materials, so we make sure not to spoil their coat and not irritate the skin of our companion.

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