Why Martingale Are the Best Collars for Greyhounds or Sighthounds

The walk is usually one of the favorite moments of the day for our dogs, so it is very important to have a walking material that is comfortable for both of us and also safe. Walks can be full of stimuli that cause the dog to pull on the leash, so it is very important that the harness or collar does not come loose or come off at times like this. So we want to explain why martingale are the best collars for greyhounds.

What walking material to choose for a greyhound?

Those of us who have gauges know that it is not easy to find a ride material that is comfortable for them and comfortable for us. In addition, as we have already commented, also safety is very important.

Dogs with fears or with some kind of problem on the street can react unexpectedly to certain stimuli, which can lead them to pull very hard on the leash. This can even occur in dogs that have never shown similar behavior on the street before. Many have lost their harness or collar at times like this and have put their lives in danger because they have crossed a road or have run and got lost. This type of situation that stops the heart of dog mothers and fathers has a solution, in the case of the greyhound it is to use a martingale necklace.

What are martingale necklaces like?

The martingale collar has a part that runs and makes it fit around the dog's neck when you pull on the leash. One of the main advantages of this type of necklaces is that adapts to the neck of the greyhound or whippet And, if it pulls, it won't pop out of your head. In other words, it is the ideal collar to prevent leaks.

Martingale are the best collars for greyhounds and sighthounds

Dogs like greyhounds have very thin heads and necks, so a click necklace it can come off very easily if there is a pull. That is why martingale is the best collars for greyhounds or sighthounds.

This type of necklaces are not drowning, since they are closed to the measurement of the neck and fit to this without tightening. The neck is a very sensitive area, so it is necessary that the necklace be wide and made of the best materials.

How is a martingale placed?

So that the martingale collar does not damage the neck of our dogs, it is very important to place it correctly.

The first thing you will have to do is open the necklace with the help of the sliding buckle enough so that it passes over your head without effort. Then you will have to adjust it on the neck through the regulator, the ideal is that it is neither too tight nor too loose. In fact, the ideal is to a gap of about 3-4 fingers between the rings of the short strap when you pull it.

There are other walking materials that can prevent the dog from escaping, such as a harness. Harnesses that hold the dog both from the front and from the back are difficult to remove. There are even anti-escape harnesses, designed precisely to prevent the dog from getting them off. However, when the goal is for the dog to run and play freely, the harness could make mobility difficult, so a martingale is once again the ideal option.

The important thing, however, is to choose a walking material in which both dog and human are comfortable and safe, since it is one of the best moments of the day.

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