Dungarees to protect the skin of greyhounds in summer from cuts and scratches

Greyhounds are dogs with a very sensitive skin, so we must protect them from the scratches and cuts that can be made when they run free and happy through the field. We can use sweaters and sweatshirts to take care of their skin, in addition to keeping them warm, but this type of clothing may not be the most appropriate for them to run and play, so the best option would be the dungarees. We explain everything you need to know about overalls to protect the skin of greyhounds.

What are bibs to protect the skin of greyhounds?

If you have a galguete at home, you will know that it is very important to protect their delicate skin, since they do not have an undercoat and do not store subcutaneous fat. It is precisely this that makes the skin of greyhounds thinner compared to other furry ones. However, With a bib you can prevent your greyhound from getting injured when running through the field, as well as it is also a way to keep it cool in summer, since it can get wet. That is, it is enough to get it wet and put it on afterwards, thus avoiding the dreaded heat stroke.

Another advantage of using a bib is that if it is of a striking color you will be able to see it even if it is far away or in the grass, so it gives us security and tranquility. Even in hunting season it is a way not to be mistaken for prey.

What are greyhound bibs like?

Greyhound bibs are a kind of swimsuit and are made of lycra. This means that they adapt to your body perfectly and make them a movie tip. Although they are made with lycra, it is very important to choose the correct size so that the furry does not become too tight or too loose.

How are bibs to protect the skin of greyhounds

What are bibs for?

The bibs have become an essential in the houses where there are greyhounds, since in addition to avoiding abrasions and injuries, it has other advantages. One of them is that in case your dog has made an injury or has a scar that cannot be licked, the bib acts as a barrier. It is certainly an excellent alternative to Elizabethan necklaces, which are much more uncomfortable.

The bib is also a very good physical barrier against some parasites, like the tick. This does not mean that external antiparasitics should be dispensed with, but rather that it is a plus. It is also very effective for protect sensitive skin from environmental allergies, hemangiomas, or other skin problems.

This garment is also very useful for avoid sunburn on the dog's skin, especially in those with very fair skin and little fur.

As we have already mentioned, it is also very useful for know where a furry is at all times, since if the bib is of a striking and showy color, it will be able to be located quickly among the herbs. As well as it can also be used for avoid heat stroke and lower body temperature on very hot days and avoid being mistaken for prey during hunting season. Although it is always better to avoid hunting areas in times of practice.

Although the bibs are designed to protect the greyhounds from scratches and cuts, they have other uses that make them one of the garments that should not be missing in the closet of a house where there is one or more greyhounds. In addition, they are very handsome with them and they mark that little athletic body that we who suffer from acute galguitis like so much.

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