The clothes for greyhounds to be at home that you will love

Greyhounds are very cold dogs and sometimes a dose of doggy love on the sofa is not enough to warm them up, so we have to help them a little with clothes designed and thought for them. Also at home, during the colder months, it is necessary to protect them. Here we list the clothes for greyhound to be at home that you will love and that will protect your furry.

Greyhound clothes to be at home

If you suspect that your furry is cold at home, the best thing you can do is warm him with clothes that have been designed for him. Greyhounds, which lack undercoat and have less fat storage capacity, need to be kept warm when temperatures are low. For this reason we have made a selection of the best clothes for greyhounds to be at home that you can use.

Sleepy pajamas

Sometimes we put a blanket on our furry at night so that they sleep warm and protected from the cold. But they, like us, move while they sleep and unintentionally uncover. The solution is the sleepy pajamas.

These pajamas made with a lot of doggy love are soft and very comfortable, so they can sleep in the position they like the most without problems. And, most importantly, it protects them from the cold. Without a doubt it is the best option so that they can sleep very comfortably.

Sweatshirts and jumpers

A good one sweatshirt or sweater It can also be the perfect garment so that our dogs do not get cold at home. This way they won't have to wear pajamas all day, especially if visitors come!

Like any sweatshirt, the greyhound also has to have a hood, pocket and zipper so that it is very easy to put it on and take it off. The best of all is that it is a very versatile and comfortable garment for themIn addition, it has a very soft plush inside that helps maintain body temperature and give warmth.

He sweaterLike the sweatshirt, it is also very versatile and comfortable, although it is a little tighter. For us it is one of the best options to be at home, because it does not have any zipper that could bother them if they go to sleep. It is easy to put on and very comfortable, it is also made with materials that keep the chest and body warm, which are the most sensitive parts.


The sofa blanket It will always be a very good option, especially for those weekends when you don't feel like leaving the house and we are watching TV. This is the best complement to protect our furry friends from the cold and also to cover their bed or sofa. Some dog beds are made with materials that are cold, so a blanket can feel warmer.

Other tips

Clothes for greyhounds to be at home are sometimes not enough. So we recommend that you always try that the place where you sleep in winter is the warmest in the house.

Make sure, if he is going to spend hours alone, that the temperature in the home will be constant so that it does not get cold. He thinks that you will not be there to give him doggy hugs, so it is important that from time to time the heating is turned on or that there is a stove that is safe for him on.

It is clear that with these tips, with the right clothes, a blanket and a good dose of doggy love, our friends are already prepared to spend the winter and face the harsh temperatures of the coming months.

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