Why do greyhounds get colder in winter than other dogs?

Dogs, in general, cope better with cold than heat. However, there are some who, due to their hair type and their body fat, are not like that and can have a very bad time when temperatures drop, even making them sick. Greyhounds would be within this group. We explain you why do greyhounds get colder in winter and why is it so necessary dress our furry.

Why do greyhounds get colder in winter?

A dog is able to maintain its body temperature thanks to the hair and fat that is stored under the skin. But not all furry people have long hair, nor do they all have the same amount of fat.

Greyhounds are dogs that have lost their undercoat, which is the layer that insulates from cold and humidity; and have a lower fat storage capacity, which also helps maintain body temperature, because as great runners they are, fiber is much more important to them than fat.

All this means that greyhounds are very sensitive to the cold and that when temperatures begin to drop, especially when they touch 10 ºC or lower, precautions must be taken, especially if we are in a place with high humidity or wind. In fact, the actual temperature that your body perceives is the sum of temperature, humidity and wind, just as it happens to us in fact.

Greyhounds are cold in winter


How to get a greyhound to be warm and happy?

Now that you know why greyhounds get colder in winter, make sure that at home and, above all, in the place where they sleep there is a comfortable temperature for them. Later, when you go for a walk with your friend, wear sweaters, sweatshirts, or coats to help you stay warm. And for rainy days a raincoat It can also be a very good option, because rain and cold, with or without wind, is a bad combination for our greyhounds.

It is very important that the garment that you put on your furry, in addition to being warm, fits very well to his body so that he can run and play happily, without hindrance. Because we all know that doggy love is seeing them run free and happy.

Don't let your friend sleep on the ground during winter or cold fall days. It is best to sleep on a surface that provides warmth and insulates you from the ground. A blanket can be a good companion for him, you can also put him in pajamas or let him sleep near the radiator or a stove, as long as it is not dangerous for him.

How to know if our dogs are cold?

When temperatures start to drop we have to start protecting our furry from the cold. If you see that shivers, has chills, or tremors you are surely cold, especially in the fall or winter. Although there may be other causes, if it coincides with the arrival of the cold we do not have to be alarmed, surely it is that you need a blanket and snuggle with us on the sofa. The cold can also cause them drowsiness and slowing down your breathing and movements. And we advise you to touch your furry's nose and look into his eyes, if you notice dryness in these parts of the body it is surely that he is cold.

We do tailored pajamas, sweatshirts, sweaters and raincoats, for greyhounds or any other furry that can get cold at home or on the street. Although we know that this is not enough, because for our furry friends to be really warm they need a good daily dose of doggy love.

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