The most galguil style for the new season!

Soon a year ago we started creating our first garments of dog clothes. Therefore, we want to tell you a little more about this important part of El Galgo Azul.

The STUDIO collection arises from our collaboration with Presumida Gatita. We knew his work and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to join two workshops that have such a similar trajectory. They had been dressing furry for four years now, and we had been illustrating the doggy lifestyle for practically the same time.

Thus, we decided to create a joint line that we have gradually expanded throughout the year, with bespoke dog clothes. From sweaters to raincoats, we design garments that adapt to your needs, so that you are comfortable and can play non-stop. Of course, very tasty!

Although it is very important that our furry ones dress appropriately throughout the year, in autumn and winter it is the ideal occasion for them to be well protected from the changes of the weather, proudly wearing our #amordogruno. 

dog clothes

Dog clothes for fall and winter

Now that you know a little more about the origin of these pieces, we want to tell you the details of each one of them!

They are all made with them in mind, and they are made to measure to fit each one in the best way, regardless of their breed or size, so that they can enjoy and at the same time protect the most important areas: neck, chest and loin.

Dog jumpers: the most versatile

This garment is perfect for both winter and halftime. It fits snugly against your body and is lightweight, so it doesn't stop you from doing your thing and having fun at any time. In addition, it does not have zippers but it is elastic so that it is easy to put it on.

You can find this sweater with many of our prints on the top, and has a fur inside so they are always warm. They will be so comfortable that they will want to take it inside and outside the home!

Starting today, ta {«type»: »block», »srcClientIds»: [«6b0b491f-f61e-4776-be5a-9c0b1d7c501d»], »srcRootClientId»: »»} you can also find it with our latest incorporation, We Love Margaritas, matching purple, orange or black collar, and it couldn't be cuter and more cheerful!

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In addition, for the older furry ones who no longer have so much flexibility, we can add a zipper to make it much more comfortable to put it on, that goes without saying.

Sweatshirts: sure you have yours!

How many of us have a sweatshirt gray that we use as a wildcard when it starts to refresh? Everyone! Well, our little furry ones need theirs too.

This garment has a hood, pocket and zipper, so it is very easy to put it on. How could it be otherwise, they are made with plush knit inside, and it is wide cut so that they are very comfortable.

In addition, there will be no one cooler in the park with the matching strap, since you can also find it with some of our most characteristic prints.

Thin raincoat: the must-have for autumn

The halftime season brings a lot of rain, and we don't want a cold, do we? East waterproof it is perfect for rainy days when it is not too cold yet. Lightweight and lined with a T-shirt-like fabric, it repels water and has a high collar that protects your little ears.

In addition, you can order it with or without a pocket, and you can adjust it with a string, so that not even a drop enters! Nothing better than the galguitis print to liven up those gray days with a fun touch.

Trench-coat for dogs: the most complete garment.

This garment is perfect for colder days, as it protects the entire body and neck, without leaving the chest exposed. It also has a high collar to cover the ears when the weather is colder, and it is completely lined with coral inside to keep them as warm as possible.

You will also find it with the pattern that best represents our Galguitis Acute, and you can choose the color of the neck between red and yellow. But we don't stop there, now you can combine it with a solid color that goes with the neck! Full of color.

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Responsible dog clothes

We do not want to mass produce as we are concerned about the environment and we try to do our bit. For this reason, we do not have the usual sizes but we work everything to measure. You just have to follow the indications available on each product to take your measurements, and leave it in the notes of your order. From there, we'll make sure it fits you like a sock!

The patterning and tailoring time is around 20 days, but we always try to ship it as soon as possible, so we will hurry!

And if you still want more, soon we will add a super novelty to our lineWhat do you think it will be? Be careful not to miss any details! If you have any questions, you can always consult us, we will be happy to answer you.

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