New collection "We Love Margaritas", in full color!

Summer brings happiness, heat, ice creams, terraces in the sun, beach and… new collection! yuuuu! We really wanted this time to come and do new things. The change of season always brings fresh air and you already know that in The Blue Greyhound We never get tired of looking for a new excuse to share something special with our furry ones.

On this occasion, we combine two of my favorite things: flowers and, of course, greyhounds. I couldn't think of anything more in keeping with the moment than an explosion of colorful daisies with my beloved greyhounds frolicking among them. Thus, this new fabric joins our repertoire and gives the collection its name, “We Love Margaritas”. Who will be the first to identify her among all the furry ones in the park?

Simple leashes and martingale collars

We can't think of anything happier than a bunch of colorful daisies and a greyhound enjoying themselves among them. Do you? The liveliness of the colors and our greyhounds enjoying spring in all its splendor filled us with inspiration to design all these novelties.

  1. Simple Strap We Love Daisies: There will be no one who can avoid looking at your new strap. This incorporates a ring on the handle to be able to hang everything we need for a good walk, from some sweets to bags.
  2. We Love Margaritas multiposition strap: It doesn't matter if you're more from the countryside or from the city, if you're more into walking or moving walks. With the three different sizes of this leash you can adapt to the type of walk you want.
  3. We Love Daisies Martingale Necklace: the size of your furry is not a problem, you can choose different sizes from XS to XL. You just have to tell us the measurements of the contour and we will adapt it. They have an adjustable length and anti-escape insurance, here nobody escapes!
  4. Pack We Love Margaritas: the complete set so as not to miss any details. Combine the collar size that best fits your neck (S,M,L or XL) with our matching simple leash, and you're ready to get into mischief.

The water, dungarees!

Family dips are some of the funniest moments we have with our furry ones, right? Well, we couldn't miss the opportunity to dedicate a garment for the occasion with this new print. This is how our dungarees.

Yes, yes, it is what it seems. A doggy swimsuit so that they also look like palmetto like us. But not only that, but also helps prevent chafing, protect wounds, and will allow you to see the little one from afar thanks to its colorful print.

On the other hand, heat can be dangerous for animals too. Thanks to the breastplate, you can protect it from heat keeping it wet, and from sunburn. A little cream for you, and an El Galgo Azul bib for him!

This creation has been the fruit of our collaboration with La Kitta Presumed, and you can find it with other prints from other collections. For every taste!

Bottle and Cup, for every occasion

The truth is that good weather makes us more active. We go to the beach, to the gym, and the walks in the park are longer because we want to be outdoors. Therefore, you cannot forget to take water with you and be well hydrated.

In addition, thanks to the material of this drum the temperature of the liquid you decide to carry is maintained, and you will not be able to help but smile when you see the little greyhound belly up that appears in its drawing.

What are you saying? What are you more than relaxing at home with the air conditioning? No problem! You can enjoy the afternoon with your furry having a cold tea in our new Bowl Full of color.

Bandanas, originality around the neck

Surely you have ever doubted if you have a furry or a snooty mouse and, is that, how they like to show off! Well, for the most flirtatious, we bring bandanas flowery and combined with plain colors.

As with the overalls, they are a good way to keep them cool during the summer since there is no problem that they get wet as they have a smooth 100% cotton area. In this case, to show off, you do not have to suffer!

You can find it in two sizes, so that it adapts in the best way to your pet, and use it in the way you choose. In addition, you can find it with other of our characteristic prints, in case you want to get the complete collection.


There's nothing cooler than being the envy of the whole park when you arrive with your shirt matching your furry leash, right? We know! For this reason, we want you to also be able to look full of color.

They are 100% cotton and you can choose your size from S to XXL. They are also unisex, for the most daring and you can find these t-shirts in two colours, coral orange Y fuchsia. Wow!

We Love Daisies necklace, always close to us

There are also times when we have to separate ourselves from our pets, as much as we would like them to be with us at all times. But all of us who have a little 1TP3Rundog in our lives we know that we carry them with us at every step, and that is why we have designed this pendant, to keep them present at all times.

Together with Materia Rica, we have created this and other Limited Edition necklaces. Made from responsibly sourced UK wood, anti-allergy materials and nickel free. In addition, our commitment to the environment does not end there, and its packaging is 100% recyclable and respectful of the environment. Every small contribution counts!

Accessories for greyhounds and for you, nobody is left out!

We don't know how to decide on our favorites either, but, as always, we think of all the members of the furry family so that you can go together and no one is left without their detail. What do you think?

We hope to see many of you having a good time with the new We Love Margaritas print!

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