The Galguiles Socks that will accompany you in every step!

The past month of May has been very special for us. Still don't know why? You must have heard us shouting it from the rooftops! The Blue Greyhound has completed nothing more and nothing less than 4 years. It seems yesterday that we started this adventure, and it is that time flies when you do what you like, as they say.

Well, as we also really like to share every moment with you and any excuse is good for a celebration, we decided that it was the perfect occasion to do something that we had not done until now. Thus was born our capsule collection of Galguiles socksHave you seen them yet?

The spirit of El Galgo from head to toe

This collection is made up of all the characteristic prints of El Galgo, to carry our doggy love accompanying us every step of the way. Both to give us strength and to show off this love we feel for furry animals, they are the perfect complement!

We tell you the details!

These socks come in one size but fit perfectly on all feet. Depending on your size, they will be higher or lower. In addition, we know that the warmth makes us more uncomfortable to wear sneakers, so we wanted our models to be very breathable and resistant to humidity. Therefore, they are fresh, dry and flexible. Ideal for the arrival of good weather!

Ok ... now yes, we tell you what interests you the most. The great protagonists are here:

  • Rainbow socks: in full color in a rainbow of greyhounds, only for the most daring. If you want to give your look a casual and cheerful touch, now is the time to Adopt a Rainbow!
  • Dog Love Socks: the ultimate proof of love is to show off this greyish heart over your shoes. Like dog love there is none and, let the whole world know!
  • Caralápiz socks: if you are also in love with their faces, think no more. In its black and white version, we have brought the pencil print so that everyone knows that you are a #doglover as God intended.
  • Galguitis Acute Socks: we suffer from severe galguitis and we know that many of you do too. No matter the coat or its color, the love for these little ones is unconditional. Do you suffer from acute galguitis like us? In this model you will find them all and in their funniest positions.

And if indecision can with you and prevents you from choosing, or if you want them all to combine them as best suits you ... we have them in Pack! So you can wear different ones every day or share them with whoever you prefer. Surely it is @ friend who shares your same passion and will be eternally grateful to you, sharing is living!

In addition, we wanted to bring an even more personal meaning to these little pieces. All socks have been 100% produced in Maresme. This town has been our new home for a short time, and we wanted to thank the welcome by betting on its resources. We are very excited to launch a totally local and close product, especially in this coastal town that will be our home from now on.

And… you know what? We always save a surprise for last, we can't stop! With this new year that we begin in El Galgo Azul, we want to add a new pattern to our repertoire. It could not be otherwise! Are you ready? Stay tuned because it is already warming up, waiting to reach each of you and expand our community even more.

Here is for everyone!

The truth is that this capsule collection is a tribute to each print that has accompanied us over the years, and that represents the spirit of El Galgo wherever they go. Because it is not just about clothes and accessories, but they encompass values that we all share and that each time they go further.

Also, surely while you were reading this blog you have not been able to stop thinking about the little furry that awakens all this love in you. Well, for him there is also, if you want to go together and be the coolest in the park, you can find both straps and necklaces and other accessories to match your socks. There will be no one who surpasses you!

Do not miss details of the next movements because the forecast foresees a new wave of 1TP3Rundog!

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