New collection Dog Hugs for the whole furry Family!

As those of you who are most loyal to El Galgo Azul already know, for us animals are much more than that, they are part of our family. For this reason, we wanted to capture this family bond in new accessories for all.

If you are lucky enough to have one of them in your home, you will surely understand what we mean. To pay tribute to this very special relationship, we launched our Dog Hugs collection, for all the moms and dads of furry ones!

A Dog Hug cures all ills

Our illustration of the hug has accompanied us for years, until it became an emblem for us. In addition, it perfectly represents the reason for being of El Galgo. So how can it be that she had never been the lead until now? As it had to be remedied, we decided to launch our new products with it as the flag and versions in two very cheerful colors. We tell you the details!

Simple straps and martingale collars

A handful of moles, a double dose of hearts, a "As my dog family there is none” everywhere and, boom! You become the envy of the entire park. Let everyone know that the family of that furry is the best in the world!

  1. Simple leash Dog Hugs: the greyhound style in its softest and most resistant facet. this new strap incorporates a ring on the handle to be able to hang everything we need for a good walk. Sweets or bags always at hand!
  2. Dog Hugs multiposition leash: If you are one of those who go out for a relaxed afternoon-evening walk, but also live in a crowded area, or you like to go running with your furry friend, we have the perfect leash for you. With their three different measurements you can adapt to the type of ride you want.
  3. Dog Hugs Martingale Collar: no matter the size of your furry, you can choose different sizes from S to L. In addition, there is a special size XL, you just have to tell us the measurements of the contour and we will adapt it. They have the adjustable length and anti-escape safety, all under control!
  4. Dog Hugs Pack: the perfect combination to be the most stylish. Combine the collar size that best suits your furry (S, M, L or XL) with our matching simple leash, and you're ready to play.

Dog Mom and Dog Dad Mugs

There's nothing like starting the day with a smile on your face, right? Well, that's what we were thinking when we designed these mugs. Yes dog love accompanies you from the first coffeeIt will surely help you face the day in a different way.

In my case, there isn't a day that I sit down at the table for breakfast or snack and I don't have Nacho and Peter making eyes at me to get a piece of my plate. What smarties! Does it happen to you too? Well, this mug is a way to represent this moment with them. Also, if your family is complete, or you want both versions for visits, we bring you both! gaskets in pack!

Dog Moms deserve to be up to date

Yes, this part is especially for them! At El Galgo Azul we have always celebrated Mother's Day, and it has become a religion for us. Why? Because Although these furry ones are not our children, we are their mothers. They take away hours of sleep when they are sick, we play with them, they accompany us for bread and they are always, always, always present wherever we go. For this reason, we could not avoid dedicating a small space to them in this collection.

Mama Dog Scarf

The perfect scarf for all dog moms is full of phrases with which all of you will feel identified, because our dogs are our family! With the illustration in the center, you can choose which phrases you prefer to see and how you want to use it. Ideal for your ponytail, for your neck, to use as a headband or to put it in your bag... everything original that you want to be!

As if that were not enough, it comes in Turquoise Y pink, to brighten up our outfits this spring-summer. With good weather we fill up with color!

Dog Mom Choker

We know that you carry your little dog in your heart, but if you want to always keep him in mind and take him with you everywhere, our choker you will love it It is discreet and has a dog hug engraved on a silver medal, and you can add one of the collection's characteristic colors to give it a different touch.

What's more, is produced by Cuquinadas, in Spain and with lots of love! Since we started collaborating together, there is no stopping us.

Dog Hug Backpack

How many times do we go out for a walk and you have to carry so many things that you don't fit anywhere? Nothing of that! With the new backpack you will be ready to enjoy the street in a jiffy.

And if you had planned to go on a trip together, your furry friend deserves a suitcase as much as you do. Everything in the backpack and ready for the adventure!

Huntress Embrace

Finally, the most special garment of the entire collection. How I wanted to get it out! Our super hunters They come in two different models, one pink and one blue. Both have an oversize pattern and can be found in different sizes, from XS to L.

Now that the cold leaves us, the denim jacket is the perfect ally for between seasons and for when it cools down a bit on summer nights. It has the quintessential illustration on the back, to proudly show off our passion for greyhounds.

Yes, we know… They sell out quickly! These are very limited editions and that is why we take out different models from each other. But we bring you good news. If you still haven't been able to get yours, be very careful, because we are bringing out a new edition designed for the most passionate dog moms! You dare?

Everything for greyhounds and their family… together!

Can't you decide? We understand you! But nothing happens, many of these details are combinable, you and your furry can go together perfectly.

Finally, we hope you like all these accessories because nothing equals our joy every time we take Nacho and Peter out for a walk, and they recognize our designs, or when they come to tell us the latest anecdote in the park with The Blue Greyhound. Now that is happiness!

!Thank you very much to all the furry family that is getting bigger and bigger!

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