Show off your love for greyhounds with pride with the new Galguitis Acute collection

When a greyhound crosses your life, everything changes. They conquer our hearts with just one look and, from that moment, you cannot resist their charms: their impossible poses at bedtime, their runs in the park, the well-scrambled naps on the sofa… WE HAVE ACUTE GALGUITIS! AND as we are very proud, our tribute comes in the form of a collection.Are you ready to carry your love for greyhounds always with you?


This summer, while I was enjoying watching my greyhounds Peter and Nacho having fun on the dog beach, I realized that we still didn't have a collection dedicated to that galguitis we always talk about. That had to be fixed! For the pattern to take shape, you just had to observe them while they wallowed in the sand.

And it could not be otherwise, the greyhounds would be the protagonists of the new print, showing some of the things we like the most: their funny postures, sometimes almost impossible to reproduce, and their coats, so varied and unique. All this accompanied by a good dose of hearts so that their love power intensifies 😉

So that, the new Galguitis Acute collection increases the conquest capacity of our dogs, so that the walks are an adventure with the new collars and leashes:

  1. Martingale necklacesafe and anti-escape, lined inside and out with a soft and resistant fabric, and with silver-colored cast iron buckles. Available in four sizes, S, M, L and XL.
  2. Single strap: with which you can show off our motto "Acute Galguitis", clearly visible on its handle. Measure 1.25 meter long and 2.5 meter wideIt has a carabiner, a handle and a small ring to hang the case of sweets, bags, or whatever you need.

In this collection, we have not released click necklaces with the new print, but do not worry. If you want one for your furry, just Write me to and we will get to work.


And with the new collection we not only bring out a new pattern, we also bring NEW PRODUCTS! All of them designed to take acute galguitis wherever you go: from your home, to classes and work. There will be no challenge that will resist you being so well accompanied by our new tissues, bottles and cases for iPad and multipurpose.


Knotted on the head like Audrey Hepburn, between a braid for a more modern touch, around the neck now that the cold is coming, or even on the handles of your bag, you decide how to show off your love for greyhounds and they will be in charge of spreading acute galguitis who you come across.

Nobody will be indifferent to our two models of scarves, totally unique and different to anyone else they've seen. At Acute Galguitis model, the greyhounds make a display of their best postures, while, in the Rainbow model They give away their best explosion of color to brighten up the cloudy days of autumn.

The scarves measure 70 x 70 cm, are 100% polyester and very light. They can be machine washed, tumbled and ironed on a low setting.

Have you already thought about how you are going to wear them? 🙂


Are you tired of always carrying the typical supermarket plastic bottle with you? Do the environment a favor! Reduce waste while indulging yourself because the ecological, should not be at odds with the beautiful. Or if not that they tell our new bottles in two models Acute Galguitis Y Doggy love

To the weekend excursion, in the car or wherever you need it. Always carry your favorite drink with you and fill it up as many times as you want. From now on, you will not forget your drink and you will be well hydrated, at the same time as loads of good doggy love, can you ask for more?

The bottles are transparent so you can always see inside. They are made of titanium with a metallic screw cap, BPA free and with a capacity of 50 cl. And to wash them, you can also put them in the dishwasher.


If there was a product that I had been wanting to make for a long time, it is multipurpose covers. I have finally been able to get them out with this new collection and I can't be happier. In two models, Galguitis Acute stamped, small size Y big size, as well as in Rainbow printThey have come to solve a thousand and one problem of order. And they are used for everything!

Although you can store tablets like the iPad and iPad mini in them, They have been designed so that you put everything you need: a toiletry bag to order your tote bag, your markers and a notebook, your furry's sweets and primer ... Whatever you want!

The covers are made of neoprene with a zip. The small size measures 17 x 12 cm, the large 25 x 18 cm and they are machine washable.


A few months ago, XXXX of Cuquinadas He wrote to me presenting his work and a collaboration proposal with his jewelry brand. Those of you who have followed me for a long time will know that I love collaborations and even more so if they are with people who transmit so much energy and passion for their work. So when we talked and found out what he was doing, I couldn't say no to collaboration.

In the creation process we choose drawings and the most appropriate models on which to apply them, finally resulting in the acute galguitis braceletlove bracelet doggy Y galguito choker.


Who doesn't like bracelets? And more if they are easy to carry and combine like the two models that we have designed. Apart from being versatile, each model hides a very special message, two essentials of our brand.

With the acute galguitis bracelet you can show off your passion for greyhounds very proud. On the one hand you have a pencil face inside a heart, showing how much we love our furry ones; while, on the other hand, we have the phrase "acute galguitis" accompanied by our heart with hairs.

The love bracelet doggy it is a song to what we feel for our dogs and it is that, as we always say and appears on the bracelet, "like doggy love there is none”, Accompanied by the other side of our illustration of the kiss.

The best thing about bracelets is that, apart from their meaning, are designed to be two in one. On the one hand, the drawing and, on the other, a sentence. So just by turning the plate, you can show what you want most at that moment. Each of them is unique and very special, with a central plate made of zamak and silver plated, with a red macramé cord and sterling silver balls at the ends.

The only problem will be deciding which one to choose and, if you are not capable, do not worry, both are very good together! 😉


In the galguito choker we wanted to do something special and play with the movement Because, has it never happened to you to wear a pendant and always have to turn it around to make it look right? What a chore!

With our choker you won't have to worry about that, because both sides have their grace and are just as beautiful. Our most famous greyhound wears his bow tie on one side and, on the other, wags his mischievous tail to the rhythm of your steps.

The choker is made of silver, with a 45 cm adjustable chain, in different sizes, and a 15mm diameter medallion.

Can you resist our most elegant greyhound? 😉


IT'S ALREADY HERE, IT'S BACK! Our most elegant greyhound, the greyhound with a bow tie, returns to the load with a renewed air: new measures and more illustration.

So that you can take with you everything you need to face your day to day, we have made it bigger, so you will have no excuse to leave your dog's package of sweets or the book you need to distract yourself while you wait for your turn at the doctor. Everything fits!

In this edition, the greyhound bow is not stitched, but stamped, red with white polka dots, matching her funny cheeks. AND best of all is that now you won't have to worry about seeing if "you've put it on the good side", that is, if you are wearing the drawing, because, as we have done in the galguito chokerwe have stamped both sides. On the one hand, you will show off his bow tie and his cheeks, while, on the other, his restless tail will be added.

The bag measures 35 x 39.5 x 13cm and the handle 65, it is made of 100% cotton and hand-printed in two colors. It can be carried in the hand or over the shoulder, whichever is more comfortable for you, and can be washed in the washing machine, with cold water and inside out.

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