This Summer: Adopt a Rainbow

In case someone hadn't noticed yet… It's finally summer! And with him the excursions to the mountains, the ice creams, the sunrises on the beach and the family dips have returned. And in honor of all those good times that holidays bring us, the new Rainbow collection! Well full of color so that your dogs also look brown during their walks 🙂

THIS SUMMER, ADOPT RAINBOW! : necklaces, leashes, bow ties, textile backpack box

Who has not ever had everything ready to enjoy a good day at the beach and at the last moment, boom! Summer downpour! And on top of the good ones, with thunder and lightning. With what it has cost you to organize everything, your plan is twisted, but what good that the storm brings? The coolness of the rain, the cleaner air, and of course the incredible rainbow.

That duality is also experienced by those of us who have greyhounds. The vast majority of them have been rescued from places with poor living conditions and unloved. Until one day, they are rescued and enjoy the good life they deserve. Those greyhounds become the rainbow after the storm, a symbol of the tenacity of hundreds of anonymous people who go out of their way to achieve a better world.

Since our beginnings, We donated the 5% of benefit to various Associations such as Baas Greyhound, but we also like to celebrate the good in life with our creations and this is where the new Rainbow collection, an explosion of color in necklacesstraps Y birdieace, so that our dogs shine with their own light these endless summer days. 

The items for dogs in the Rainbow collection are:

  1. Martingale necklacesafe and anti-escape, lined inside and out with a soft and resistant fabric, and with silver-colored cast iron buckles. Available in four sizes, S, M, L and XL.
  2. Click necklace: perfect for any dog regardless of breed or size. Like the martingales, they are lined inside and out with a soft and resistant fabric, they have silver-colored cast iron buckles and the closure has a slight curvature to adapt to your dog's neck. They are available in three sizes, S, M, and L, but if you need another size, it can be made with the measurements you indicate.
  3. Multi-position strap: Strap Very versatile what allows you to adjust the length according to the activity you do with your dog. At each end there is a carabiner and 3 strategically placed rings to adapt it to three positions:
    • Short strap: it is folded in half, getting 1 meter long.
    • Adjustable strap: the length you want thanks to the fact that the ring can be moved to, for example, adjust it to your waist.
    • Long strap: to take advantage of its 2 meters long.
  4. Single strap: from 1 meter long, with carabiner, handle and a small ring to hang the case of sweets, bags or whatever you need.
  5. Bow tiehand-sewn and perfect for any type of necklace, can be adjusted to a martingale as well as a click collar. Available in two sizes, small 10cm and large 12cm.


And since there is nothing we like more than matching our furry ones, thanks to the collaboration with Textilbox, you will be able to do it. Change the nap for a fun DIY session and with your own hands you can create the perfect backpack for those summer walks that end with a delicious ice cream.

Each box contains everything you need for your new project:

  1. A tutorial, with the step by step on how to sew the backpack.
  2. Rainbow canvas designed by El Galgo Azul of approx. 40 × 36 cm.
  3. 40 × 40 cm black canvas.
  4. 3.5 m of acrylic black cord for the handles.
  5. Badge "Doggy lifestyle" to decorate your new backpack.
  6. A spool of 100% polyester thread from DMC.
  7. And many more surprises 😉

We promise it will be a breeze! 🙂


What fruit of collaboration with two friendly brands as they are Elena Kaede Y CarMeRevelles, new ones have been bornexclusive handmade items: the Galgo Doormat and the Identification Plates.


Those of you who have followed us for a long time, you know of the friendship that binds us to Elena Kaede and El Galgo Azul. In May we celebrate together the Big Hairy Anniversary and then a very special product was already in the process of being created. Elena is a specialist in creating doormats unique and among your designs has several of different canine breeds. Between them it lacked the greyhound one, so when he proposed to create it together, I couldn't resist!

I always say, and you have been able to verify in many of our designs, that, despite what people may think because of its size, greyhounds can live in every house.  The Greyhound Doormat shows what those of us who live with them experience every day: the greyhounds are foldable and can be found in any corner. And on top of being vindictive, it is a song of love, or is there something more tender than when our furry ones turn into donuts when they roll up to sleep?

Limited edition and with very few units available, the Greyhound Doormat it is hand painted On coconut fiber, it measures about 60cm in diameter and can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or a soft bristle brush.


When I discovered the art of CarMeRevelles, I could not avoid proposing a collaboration with El Galgo Azul. Her jewels with original designs and loaded with meaning are made by hand from her workshop, so she was the perfect candidate to create the complement that our necklaces needed: identification plates.

Engraved on 2.5 cm diameter aluminum, they include an exclusive design of El Galgo Azul, to choose between Nacho modeland the Peter model, Y are customizable with your name and phone number.

The plates are a jewel with which to decorate your dog's collar, as well as being a good tool to have it well identified. So, are you going to deny your furry that whim? 😉


Let's be honest, life with greyhounds is much more fun. For this reason, at El Galgo Azul, we love to create new articles to continue spreading acute galguitis, this time through stickers, new magnets and covers for your mobile, or for whoever you love the most 😉


Agendas, notebooks, postcards, gifts, or anything with a surface worth stamping, will be the same again with our greyhound stickers. Stickers that are not anything, They are the FIRST El Galgo Azul stickers! It had been a long time that I had in mind to do them and finally the time has come, well loaded with the colors of the new Rainbow collection to convey joy to all who see them.

The pack includes two sheets of vinyl stickers with a matte finish, with the sweetest and funniest greyhound faces and postures so that you can personalize with them everything your imagination asks of you.


Your fridge wants to tell you something, look at it and listen to it carefully. You need new magnets! He not only lives on travel memories, he also wants to share your doggy love and that is in the house of a doglover they cannot be absent magnets at the height of holding your most special photo with your furry love, the list of your favorite sausages, the next visits to the vet ... everything you need!

Go ahead and renew your fridge with the new models of magnets with our most popular illustrations:

  1. Cu-cú magnet: our naughtiest greyhound in your fridge.
  2. Dog Mom Magnet: and it is that as the love of mother there is only one.
  3. Dog Dad Magnet: so that you can also show off your fatherly love.
  4. Galgos Sofa Magnet: perfect to celebrate those sofas full of doggy love hair that we like so much.


Catch all eyes with our new mobile covers, renewed and updated to show off galguitis with your mobile. The new designs are Available on our website for Iphone X, Iphone 7/8 plus, Iphone 7/8, Iphone 6 plus, Iphone 6, Iphone 5 / 5C. But, if you don't have an Iphone, don't worry because very soon, our covers will be available to many more models and brands in Bagmóvil.

All our covers they are transparent, flexible and very resistant, and they are available with the following designs:

  1. Cu-cú housing: our most mischievous greyhound looks out into the world from your mobile.
  2. Greyhound Shell with Bow Tie: our greyhound with a bow tie will make your mobile the most elegant.
  3. Caralápiz casing: the funny print of our Caralápiz collection will fill your mobile with faces.
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