Open your heart to doggy love with our new collection

«Spring alters blood»And in El Galgo Azul we attest to this. Our hearts are at a thousand revolutions because ...We launch a new collection: Doggy love! An ode to that love that only the lucky ones who share our lives with dogs know. A love that has been anchored in our hearts to the beat of the hairs digging into clothes and that has changed us forever. Proud to be family!


Following the trend created in the past Caralápiz Collection, we wanted to expand the range of clothing for human doglovers, this time with a more springy touch: t-shirts full of doggy love and bursting with energy.

With the two designs in the collection, we wanted to express two facets that our dogs make us live. The Heart T-shirt shows how they have conquered us to the core thanks to his cold kisses at midnight, with his parties when he comes home from work, classes or, simply, after going to take down the garbage, and, above all, with his unconditional loveal, forever making a hole in our hearts.

On the other hand, the Greyhound T-shirt is a song to happy dogs that infect us with their joy when we see them running, free and very alive, enjoying every blade of air and the damp earth between their fingers.

The t-shirts are made with fabric 100% cotton, for what they are very nice to wear, and its characteristics by design are:

  1. Heart T-shirt: white t-shirt with a feminine cut with a handcrafted print in red and black greyhound inside a heart. Available from size XS to 2XL.
  2. Greyhound T-shirt: stamping a greyhound running on chest in two versions:
    • Female cut: white t-shirt with handcrafted gold print. Available from size XS to 2XL.
    • Male cut: light gray heather t-shirt with black handcrafted print. Available from size S to 3XL.

Unique t-shirts so you can take your doggy love with you wherever you go So what they increase their effect when they dress together with your furrySo, don't forget to put it on when you go out for a walk! 🙂


Caralápiz is the name of our Canterior collection, fruit of the printing of the fabrics that gave it life. The greyhound faces flushed over intense colors that they gave us a good boost of energy to get through the fall and winter, they have had so good reception what we have expanded the product range.

To the martingale collar, multi-position strap, single strap and bow ties add the click necklaces how much were you asking us throught social media. Thus, any dog, regardless of their race, mix, height or weight, will be able to convey the good vibes of the Caralápiz Collection in all its colors: yellow, blue and fuchsia.

We can't wait to see how your dogs show off in the park, we want photos of everyone! 🙂


At El Galgo Azul we take ourselves very seriously our mission to spread the love of the good, so we could not do other than provide you with everything you need to help us to bloom those acute galguitis seeds that you have helped us to plant in the hearts of those close to you. We give you the tools and you put your imagination, do you accept the challenge?

Get our patches, vinyls, stamp kit and customize yourself!

Caralápiz Patch

He Caralápiz Patch is an embroidered patch on white canvas that initiates contagion through those irresistible cheeks of unsurpassed sweetness. They are so effective that you will want more than one to stick them on your backpack, jacket, jeans, t-shirts ... Wherever you want with just one stroke of the iron.

Vinyls for the car

Have you ever noticed those proud parents who show off their kids with car stickers? Do you want too but can't find ones that represent your furry ones? There's nothing more to speak of! With us car vinyls you're going to conquer the road showing off your family: on white color for car or glass, you will find one of boy, girl, baby, cat and two dog models. Car tours are going to be more cool than ever!

Seal kit

Not one or two. Four greyhound-stamps make up our mighty Limited Edition Kit that will help you personalize and fill your whole life with doggy love. Unleash your ingenuity and stamp them on your agenda, postcards, your furry's bed, your favorite t-shirt, the front door ... And the thing is, Is there a surface that resists them?

This kit was born from the joint work of El Galgo Azul with Dynamo-studio, a creative art and design studio that encourages creativity, slow products, handmade and with great care. Come on, a full-blown crush on our philosophy.

Kit contains four stamps with different greyhounds, wooden base, multi-surface black ink, assembly and use instructions. And how could it be otherwise, all in a bag stamped with a very playful greyhound 🙂

Long live doggy love!

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