New collection, only suitable for dog people

If two days ago we enjoyed the afternoons in the sun on the terraces, without realizing it, the cities have turned orange and we cannot survive without a good coat. And it is that autumn is like that, unexpected. But no melancholy! To fight it We bring you a good injection of acute galguitis that will fill you with energy to face the drop in temperatures: new Caralápiz collection. 


Warm and with a touch that makes them unique, that's how they are our sweatshirts. With them you will not only stop feeling the chill during the walks, but you will also show off your doggy love in a very nice way.

One of the goals that I had set for the new collection was that humans and dogs could match. And with the sweatshirts we have achieved it, including in them a greyhound face print from our collection, Caralápiz.

They are made of cotton and lycra, which makes them very soft and comfortable to wear, and they come in two different designs:

  1. Elbow patches girl sweatshirt: light gray mottled with the elbow patches embroidered with the face of a greyhound. Available from size XS to XL.
  2. Unisex sweatshirt: navy blue with an embroidered greyhound face patch over the heart. Available from size XS to XXL.

The design of both models has sought simplicity, so that you can add a fun touch to your daily life in a very subtle way. As advice for use, we highly recommend wearing them together with your furry, to show off galguitis during walks 😉


The star of our new collection is the pattern of our fabrics, some faces of greyhounds blushed with different expressions. From the stamping came the name, Caralápiz, an affectionate name that greyhound lovers give to their sweet little faces with impossibly long snouts that amaze us so much.

Autumn has its charm, but sometimes we are bored at this time of year. As we love to convey good vibes, and intense colors are one of our weapons, we have opted for liven up our patterns with a very intense blue and yellow, which stand out on both light and dark coats. And the thing is not like that because, by popular request, soon we will expand the color gamut by adding a fuchsia that takes away the hiccups 😉

The articles for dogs in the Caralápiz collection are:

  1. Martingale necklacesafe and anti-escape, lined inside and out with a soft and resistant fabric, and with silver-colored cast iron buckles. Available in two colors, blue Y yellow, and four sizes, S, M, L and XL.
  2. Multi-position strap: Strap Very versatile what allows you to adjust the length according to the activity you do with your dog. At each end there is a carabiner and 3 strategically placed rings to adapt it to three positions:
    • Short strap: it is folded in half, getting 1 meter long.
    • Adjustable strap: the length you want thanks to the fact that the ring can be moved to, for example, adjust it to your waist.
    • Long strap: to take advantage of its 2 meters long.
  3. Single strap: from 1 meter long, with carabiner, handle and a small ring to hang the case of sweets, bags or whatever you need. Available in two colors, blue Y yellow.
  4. Bow tieshand-sewn and perfect for any type of necklace, can be adjusted to a martingale as well as a click collar. Available in two colors, blue Y yellow, and two sizes, 10 and 12 cm.

If you are one of those who wants EVERYTHING, take advantage of our offer pack martingale necklace with leashmulti-position or single. Tea you will save a few euros with your purchase, and ... to show off your palm!

Your dog will be the coolest in the neighborhood! 🙂


Bow ties have that unique gift: they are capable of transmitting elegance with a touch of fun. And if not, let them tell our new cushions and tote bags, decorated with our friendliest greyhound.

At the beginning of the year we launch the perfect complement for naps, human and dog, the heart cushion. After your good reception, we wanted to expand the section with a new cover so that you can give it that naughty touch that your sofa screams from you. They are stamped by hand and the bow tie has been hand-sewn in our workshop. Made of fine 100% cotton canvas and ecru, they are available with the bow tie in five colors, with small moles or big.

We liked the result so much that we couldn't let him stay indoors, so we have reissued the limited edition bag with the new patterns. Like the cushions, they are screen-printed by hand and with the bow ties sewn by hand. Made with 100% cotton canvas, they are very comfortable to carry on the shoulder or in the hand and to fill it with everything you need to conquer your day in style. They are available with the bow tie in five different colors.

Can you resist putting a bow tie in your life?


You were many who you had asked us to adapt two of our prints and here they are:

  1. Sheet "Hug dad dog«: dog parents deserved their illustration, a tender reflection of the true meaning of doggy love and male version of our famous print «hug«.
  2. Sheet "Dog nap«: famous scene like few of any house with dogs, now also available in A4.

And the thing is not just foils, put your mobile up to date with the new transparent cases made of silicone, resistant and flexible:

  1. Case "Hug«- Our most famous illustration, perfect for dog moms.
  2. Case "Cuckoo«- Our funniest greyhound will greet you every day.
  3. Case "Greyhounds«: invade your mobile with greyhounds of all colors and in all positions.

For now only available for Iphone, but if you have another brand and you have been wanting to fill your mobile with greyhounds, there are a lot of models available for our rigid housings.


To recharge energy at any time of the day, it never hurts a good portion of greyhounds.

That is why we want to give you the wallpapers more dogsfor mobile Y computer, so that Monday alarm is a little more bearable and you smile when you turn on the computer when you get to work.

No problem! 😀

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