Custom artwork by El Galgo Azul

If I had to say what it is the most special gift What you could do would say a custom illustration. Experience has shown me that nobody usually expects them to give them something similar, so that they end up surprised and very excited when his eyes discover what the colored paper was hiding behind him.

What began with an emotion and the desire to give something unique, ends up becoming in a memory for life 🙂



Behind every illustration there is a great story. Yours.

I started offering this service by chance two years ago. In the summer of 2015 they wrote to me asking if I did custom illustrations. At that time my world was full of greyhounds born of my imagination, with whom I was beginning to spread acute galguitis through social networks and I had not considered that possibility. As a restless and adventurous soul that I am, I couldn't resist the idea and went on an adventure with my brushes, in this case, my graphic tablet. My first clients were very satisfied and I liked the experience so much that I started offering the service.

Since then my hands have captured 150 illustrations, unique and different, but all of them with something in common: love. Love because the vast majority of commissions are gifts for a very special person and because that furry one that life gives us always appears in them.

For all of it occupy an important place in my work and I get excited like the first day when I get a new order. I love hearing your stories and helping you create that idea that you are passionate about.



To make your great idea a reality I need quality photos and the more the better. Love it capture every detail of the protagonists so that the result is as faithful to reality as possible. Therefore, do not skimp on photos that reflect those aspects that make us unique, such as that smile that melts your soul or that little spot that your furry has in its ear.

But do not think that by asking for photos the illustration will only reflect the content of a photograph. You can appear enjoying your sofa, that afternoon of hiking in the mountains, but also a good cup of tea lost in Wonderland. And is that Like the imagination, there are no limits to capture what excites you. That's the great thing about a custom illustration, you are the one who decides every detail 🙂

The creation process is very dynamic. During the 15-20 days that the process lasts, you will witness to the evolution of the commission to be able to adjust it to your idea:

  1. First contact via email in which you request information.
  2. You receive a reply email with a dossier in which all the information is included what do you need.
  3. You tell me your story and your ideas.
  4. I wear let's do it with the order.
  5. You receive the sketch so you can review the composition and all the details in case there are changes.
  6. I apply the changes that were necessary and I finish the illustration.
  7. You receive an email with the order in digital version and a letter at home with a printed copy in DIN A3 (if you don't want a printed copy, you save shipping costs).

All the illustrations I do are digital, so that you can transfer it to the support you want: from a canvas or a T-shirt to a mobile phone case or a cake. As you can see, this opens up a world of possibilities because it not only serves to make a special gift in the form of a sheet, but also you can have a unique detail in your celebrations, be it weddings, birthdays or communions. If you also want to go further, I can help you in the design of any product you needsuch as invitations, posters, postcards, etc. Remember that The limit is your imagination.

And contrary to what you might imagine, The price is very affordable. As it is fully customizable there is no fixed price, it varies depending on the number of characters, both human and furry, that you want to appear in the final illustration. So don't be shy and cheer up send me an email to to request more information without obligation 🙂



Since I started this service in 2015, I have done 150 illustrations, each and every one of them made with the utmost care to reflect 150 stories full of emotion and affection. In order for you to know the more human side of this service, I got in touch with some of my clients so that they could share their experiences with you.

Rodrigo and Eugenia got married in October of last year and they wanted their guests to have an original and unique gift. They commissioned a custom illustration that featured them along with their precious Mia greyhound. The twist comes when they decided that they would give it to their guests in the form of a delicious snack: a delicious cookie to sweeten the celebration a little more. «Our guests loved them! It was a surprise and they were beautiful» Eugenia told me. Precious is not enough, they were left to eat them! 😉

Esty gave her husband a very special gift on their wedding day. Shortly before the wedding they suffered an irreparable loss, their galga Charlotte passed away and she wanted her little girl to also be present on that special day. He commissioned a custom illustration featuring the united family to surprise her husband and honor Charlotte. «You were completely right, it was exactly what I wanted, to reflect tenderness between the 5, all made pineapple, the 5 unitedEsty wrote to me when she received it.
Vicente and María wanted to give their friend Sara a special gift for her birthday. A few weeks ago their greyhound Pippa had unexpectedly passed away and everyone was still having a hard time. They decided on a custom illustration because they couldn't «think of another gift that wasn't something related to Pippa. We wanted to immortalize its sweetness«. «When we received the illustration we were speechless. When she gave it to our friend, she did not know very well what we were giving her but, when she unwrapped it and saw it, she was very moved. It was an unforgettable moment, as if our Pippa was with usMaria informed me.
I recognize that I am fortunate because you have sent me hundreds of testimonials since I began this journey. I always get excited when you write me a message telling me about your experience when you receive the order or when you give it to that special person. This is the best reward that you give me and the one that encourages me to continue with this wonderful project.
Thanks to all!


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