Fill your home with greyhounds and… Valentine's raffle!

I confess, I can't keep my hands to myself. When you have acute galguitis your mind only thinks of new ways to infect more people and I can't resist creating them. Cushions, key chains, sheets, badges and cups ready to enter your house loaded to the brim with greyhounds.

But do not think that the galguitis has settled for that. This time she has gone further and is willing to infect the heart of one of our followers with a very special Valentine's giveaway 😀


What would a sofa be without greyhounds? What if it didn't have cushions on top? A disgrace, come on. From the union of our two passions, greyhounds and napping at ease, a unique cushion has been born.

Since I started learning to sew, to make good stitches with thread and create new products, I really wanted to create a special cushion. Finally the idea was taking shape and we planted ourselves in the We Love Animals Market with several under his armThey liked them so much that we have decided to upload them to our online store so that no dog sofa is left without theirs.

In the shape of a heart and with the sweetest illustration in our storethe heart cushion it's well stuffed with love so you can snuggle up like never before in the holy hour. And the best of all is that is available in two sizes: one large 40×40 cm for you and other mini 20×20cm for what you furry enjoy as much as you in his bed. Because it is well known that dogs look like their owners, right? 😉


On The Blue Greyhound we love pampering our products so that you can enjoy the best quality. For this reason, when you asked us for keyrings to carry a portion of galguitis with you, we set to work on one that was different and cool as well as useful.

From the very beginning we ruled out transparent keyrings with a Chinese flavor and each and every one of them is handmade in my workshop, proving that the first time stitches I did on my thumb have been worth it 😉

our keychains They will not only be used to carry your keys: with them you will also be able to protect your mobile screen from the scratches and promote the adoption being stamped with our illustration of «Adopt a greyhound, lose a sofa«. Above they are made with imitation leather, so no animal has been harmed to make them.

Is it so available in three colors flashy (blue, lilac and green) so you can find keys at a glance, whether they are in the bag or on that table that you always forget to check. And best of all, it won't happen to you like with your mobile, which will be very new, yes, but it won't fit in your pocket. Even though our keychains hide the keys, they are the size of a card and fit perfectly in pockets 🙂


In the wake of all the requests that come to us asking us for some of our products that we only marketed in packs what did you see in our social networks, we have been aware that we could not deprive you of that whim. From today, you can buy as many as you want:

  1. Sheet "Hug«.
  2. Sheet "greyhound color chart«.
  3. Sheet "two better than one«.
  4. Sheet "greyhounds kiss«.
  5. Sheet "sofa greyhounds«.
  6. Sheet "greyhounicorn«.
  7. Lock "Cuckoo«.
  8. Cup of coffee "greyhounds kiss«.

Let's see, taller. Have we heard an order for fifty sheets of Greyhounds on the sofa? :-EITHER



It does not matter if you are one of those who consider Valentine's Day to be a creation of the English Court or those who prefer to show love throughout the year. No matter how many excuses you make, you will not be able to resist our arrow.

This year we have put on the bow well to infect one of our followers with acute galguitis. we have prepared you an incredible draw in which we will give away a pack full of love.

The gift pack is valued at more than €50 and includes large cushion, sheet and two cups of coffee of the collection Kiss.

How to participate in the Valentine's draw?

You can participate in both our instagram and on our Facebook following a few very simple steps.

Participate from Instagram

To participate from Instagram you should:

  1. Be our follower: we are @elgalgoazul.
  2. give a like to the photo of the draw.
  3. Comment on the photo of the draw by inviting three friends to participate.

Participate from Facebook

To participate from Facebook you should:

  1. Be our fan: we are The Blue Greyhound.
  2. give a like to the photo of the draw.
  3. Comment on the photo of the draw by inviting three friends to participate.

Duration of the draw and geographical scope

The draw starts on Tuesday, February 14 and ends on Saturday, February 18 at 11:59 p.m. (peninsular time). will be able to participate all residents in Spain (Peninsula, Balearic and Canary Islands).

Let me know when it is! We will inform you when the product is available again. Just leave your e-mail.
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