Chin, chin… For a 2017 full of acute galguitis!

With the polvorones, the nougat and the roscón de Reyes well established in our beloved lorzas, we can conclude the Christmas season. Oh Christmas, that time of year when we enjoy everything without being aware of anything. But do not panic to the routine, here comes the first Monday after Reyes to bring us back to reality and make us see that we are launching a new year.

Because the year doesn't start until Christmas is overlet's be honest 😉

How do you value 2016? What's the best thing that happened to you? How would you like to be in this 2017? What plans do you have? And is that starting a new year is synonymous with balance and new resolutions. The Blue Greyhound could not be less and we join that collective emotion that floods the country every time it inaugurates a new calendar.


2016 has been a year of changes for El Galgo Azul, both on a personal and brand level.

On a personal level I have grown, and a lot, overcoming problems, learning from my mistakes and discovering new facets. Who was going to tell me when I finished Fine Arts that I was going to get tangled up with numbers and sales strategies? Luckily I had the great help of Extraordinary, a community of entrepreneurial women in which we support each other to achieve success and make a living from our talent. Thanks to them, I have been able to take my first steps as an entrepreneur safely with El Galgo Azul.

Creativity did its thing in 2016 and the tote bags, magnets, bow ties Y vinyls they got acute galguitis. We also expanded the collection of products with the arrival in our world of magic Catrina gauges. And not only that, we took the leap of Etsy to your own website in which we can take care of our product and pamper our friends with a unique and genuine design.

greyhound, totebag, greyhound

Who was going to tell us that we were going to end the year with almost 10,000 friends? 9,583 people who follow us on our social networks and to whom we want to extend our most sincere THANKS. And yes, we consider you our friends because each of you makes us want to improve day by day so that you can enjoy the best of El Galgo Azul. And the most motivating thing is that every day there are more, many more, and from all over the globe 🙂

But we have not only grown digitally, El Galgo Azul has made a name for itself in five beautiful Spanish physical stores who have wanted to bet on our product: Barkcelona, La Botigueta Tip i Tap Y La Nostra Ciutat in Barcelona; Claws in Badalona; and Wow Pelu in Pontevedra. We have also done collaborations with wonderful brands What MibarquitodepaletTextilbox Edology. And we do not forget our most supportive side, linked to the Baas Galgo Association, to which we allocate 5% of our profit.

And we went to Madrid, to participate in the We Love Animals, and end the year hugging you and putting a face to many of you.

It is very exciting to see how love for greyhounds unites us all And, if this is how we have ended 2016, how will we end 2017? :-OR

greyhound dog mom


After a very exciting 2016, we cannot expect less than 2017.

We want to continue growing, adding friends globally. And why this desire to be more? Because in El Galgo Azul we have the mission to show the world the true essence of greyhounds, some magical and unique furry that enrich our lives and have taken over our hearts as well as our sofa. We want to continue connecting through the most positive facet one of these incredible dogs who, unfortunately, have been unlucky enough to live a complicated existence in our world.

For this to be possible, we want to grow as a brand to reach more and better new friends. Surpass ourselves, have more equipment, more points of sale, more quality and new products with which to surprise you 🙂

And so that you can see how exciting it is to start this new year, we can announce as a preview that:

  1. He Baas Galgo Association will launch its new merchandising in which we have collaborated.
  2. You will find our illustrations in each new issue of Myanimal Magazine, a whole page in which we will try to infect you with galguitis.
  3. Creativity continues to bear fruit and you will witness new products, such as the special launch to celebrate Greyhound Day (February 1st).

We are also very happy to announce that our blog is reactivated. We are not only going to talk about ourselves, but also we want to immerse you in the world of the greyhound and, among many other contents, we will introduce you to each of the gallant breeds that make up the sighthounds. And as a gift, yes subscribe to our newsletter, you will receive a monthly calendar with the corresponding breed, so that you can enjoy its elegance every day of the month 😉

We start the year with great desire to continue infecting our acute galguitis, do you join our adventure?

the blue greyhound

Photos of Elisa from Udoog.

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