Articles for dogs that you must have if you want to adopt greyhounds this 2022

Some of the main reasons why the breed of greyhounds is one of the most adopted is because of how peaceful and calm they are. They have a very grateful personality, they are very calm, they do not fight, they are not aggressive at all and they get along very well with children and other animals. They are quite affectionate although at first they are somewhat shy and they are one of the most respectful breeds with people and with other dogs. And although they are very simple to maintain, there are certain things we need to know about your needs and care. That is why today we are going to make a traffic light of items for dogs that you must have if you want to adopt greyhounds.

The operation of this list is very easy Being the red color those things that are practically mandatory to have at home before the dog arrives. The yellow color will be, everything that is very advisable to have, and it will really come in handy. And finally in the green category, some little things that will help us, but that will depend more on tastes and own decision if we want to have them or not.

Traffic light of articles for dogs that you must have if you want to adopt greyhounds

Articles for red dogs: basic things if you want to adopt greyhounds

we tell you the essential things that and should be in your home before the dog comes home. Obviously you must have prepared the area where you will be able to eat and drink with his feed, his water, feeder and drinker. It seems something very obvious for those of us who have been companions of animals for a long time, but you would be surprised by the number of forgetfulness of this type that there may be.

On the other hand you have to have leashes, collars or harnesses, identification elements... in short, we must have a way to carry our greyhound tied. And it is essential that we know that if we are going to adopt a greyhound, not just any collar will do. Here we tell you why martin gales are the best necklaces for them, although depending on its energy they may need one type of harness or another. What is clear is that you are going to need a strap and an element in which you can hold it, be it a anti escape harness, XY harness, 3 point harness or a identification necklace.

items you have to have before having a greyhound

Items for yellow dogs: dog house starter pack

This category is not mandatory but highly recommended. Well here we are going to see some things that is good to have at home for restoy coexistence of your greyhound with you and your family. Greyhounds are animals that they need to sleep many hours, like most dogs, but due to the thin skin they have and the little fat they accumulate, they need be comfortable on soft surfaces to be able to rest well.

for this is important to have a bed for them, and not only for this, but also for the development of your space and your personality. There are many people who decide to sleep with their animals in the same bed, either at the foot, on top or next to them. But the best thing is that the greyhounds have their own individual space, and thus learn to be independent and have that place of yours where you can rest without feeling insecure or dependent. And besides, since they are very cold, if you can get hold of some greyhound beds with blankets, like the ones we have in our store, they will thank you.

Another important element is The coats or breastplates for them. Whether for winter and autumn, some raincoats for greyhounds for rainy days, which will save us more than one disappointment when we get home after a walk in the rain. And the bibs for greyhounds for the summer, which protect your body from scratches and injuries that may be caused, since her skin is quite sensitive and are easily damaged. Here you can choose if you prefer little coats, jumpers, pajamas to be at home and not be uncovered, raincoats for greyhounds wet days or the garment that we like the most.

dog items you need to have if you are going to adopt a greyhound

Items for dogs green color: diagnosed acute galguitis

last for finish this light of dog items you must have if you want to adopt greyhounds, true greyhound lovers, we already have to finish the list with the other things in the store. Well the acute galguitis we can be seen from afar, so in this category we put the rest of the little things that we have made with all the dog love, and that are for our enjoyment in a slightly more hedonistic way. Well, now we can go see the bathrobes for greyhounds or things from our category home, to have a really doggy house.

We also strongly recommend that you take a look at the news that we are changing Yet the clothing, well, it is that in The Blue Greyhound we love to go with our accessories matching the greyhounds. In any case, any of our products is made with all our hearts, specially designed for greyhounds and their families.

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