The type of harness your greyhound needs to be comfortable and safe based on their concerns

All that we spend our day with greyhounds, we know that they are not particularly nervous animals. But just like we know this, we also know that they have a hunter instinct tremendously developed. They like to run stick long runs, waste energy. They are happy moving Y especially when they are young, playing much. Although it is one of the breeds with a calmer personality and independent, the moment of holding them down can be a problem. This It does not happen because they have a lot of strength or intrinsic aggressiveness, if not for a physiological reason. Because of his physiology, the Greyhound's body is very stylized, and it's hard to find a harness that can keep them restrained and secure, free from jerks without bothering them and without hurting them at any time. So today, from El Galgo Azul, and as always with all our doggy love, we want to tell you what type of harness your greyhound needs to be comfortable and safe based on their concerns.

The type of harness your greyhound needs based on his personality

To advise you on this individually, we recommend you that you contact us, it is true that each greyhound is a world. Just like it happens to us the owners or guardians, the personality is different in each greyhound, and can vary over time. Despite this, thanks to our experience we can give some general basic guidelines, so that you can make a successful purchase. Although, do not forget that our products are made especially for them, with ergonomic formulas and fabrics. So that Greyhounds will never be scratched or pulled.

The XY harness type for the hyperactive and contortionist in short distances

If you furry companion is one of those who do not stop, but allows you to always maintain eye contact, the harness XY is made for you. Well thanks to this formula we have achieved maximum support, expanding the freedom of movement. This achieves that the greyhound sits his little body free, to be able to do all the contortionism you want, but what that does not prevent it from being well attached, especially for your safety. For many turns that of, it won't get tangled up, and in case jerk, you will always to be able to hold him without fear of doing him any harm.

These harnesses are the last ones we have taken, thanks to we have seen this need in the market. When the greyhounds get to wallow, to play on the floor, to croquet and roll taking everything they see in its path, it is impossible hold them without further entangling the harness. Also, in the case of this model, you have two options of attaching the strap, to achieve more or less support depending on the moment.

the type of harness your greyhound needs based on their concerns

The anti-jerk harness for greyhounds who want to keep running

If you are one of those you live with greyhounds that have a husky complex, and sometimes they pull off worthy of directing Santa's sleigh, this anti pull harness is for you. Are ergonomic and very comfortable, so our canine companions they will not feel that we are chaining them. Although the morphology of these harnesses is the most classic, they also it is safe and reliable, since it puts ahead always the safety of the greyhound.

Is it so specially made to contain the force of jerks, but made like all the products in our store, with all the doggy love we put into what we do.

Anti-pull anti escape harness for small earthquakes

And is that the little greyhounds which are a all terrain they also have to go safe. Of course you have to get them out spend a lot a lot of energy, they stick some good races and always remind you that we are close to them. This is because in general, We believe that greyhounds that move a lot, it is because they are hyperactive, want to play all the time or have a rebellious personality, and not like that at all.

The most greyhounds that need this type of harness, they are very greyhounds moved because they are easily scared. His way of protecting himself is to run, since activate their flight response. This anti pull anti escape harness it is very safe and comfortable, and will help our little ones to feel comfortable and free, but close and under the guardian protection. Well thanks to your support and comfort, will allow you to find the security in its owner until develop more self-confidence.

The type of harness your greyhound needs can be any

Also you we remember that any of our models, you can come good for all types of greyhounds, only that they are designed for reinforce certain behaviors. If you have any furry companion in need of something particular, do not hesitate to contact us, to see if we have to develop a new article for them with all the doggy love.

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