Clothes for greyhounds that you can also use in summer, tricks to protect and refresh

The heat is pressing and suddenly it seems that we are planted in the middle of summer with 30 degrees in the shade. If we humans are caught off guard, we don't want to imagine what our furry companions must be having. Therefore, as in The Blue Greyhound we like to get along very well, we are going to tell you some tricks on clothes for greyhounds that you can also use in summer. To protect and refresh, for a torn and for an unsewn. For a refreshing breeze and for an impromptu dip.

Bibs to protect your greyhound's skin

There is more life besides the harness. And it is that all those who say that they don't like clothes for dogs, it is because they do not know the needs that some of them have. It is true that it is very rare to see a husky with a sweater, surely it would even seem ridiculous to us. But some breeds of small dogs, or very thin dogs, Among which greyhounds are included, they need some clothing that protects them from the cold or the sun.

This is due to the quality of the hair and the hardness of the dogs' skin. Depending on the species, where they come from and how we want to treat our furry companion of course. And it is that as we do everything with the maximum dog love, we would like to be able to put all the clothes for greyhounds at once, but unfortunately we can't. Today We mainly talk about bibs for greyhounds, one of the most versatile garments in our wardrobe.

And it is that within the greyhound clothes that you can also wear in summer, We cannot help but highlight our new Matisse breastplate that we love, and that will allow you to locate your greyhound over long distances. And it is that the breastplates have as their main function, protect your skin from scratches and scrapes. We already know how playful they get, especially now that the good weather arrives and we start going on excursions and walks through nature. And considering how delicate your skin is, we already know that it is important to protect it from external factors that can be harmful.

Versatile bibs as a swimsuit

And it is that all our overalls can get wet, and your greyhound can take a good dip with them. You can choose a place with a river or swamp to take a walk and cool off, and if the sun is too hot, take a good swim in the water. Another option is wet the bib and put it on top to cool off in the hours when the sun shines the most.

Y always remember to carry water with you so you can stay hydrated. It is important that you are cool, but even more so that you can drink water when you need it. In addition any of the breastplates of our store will protect you from the sun, for those greyhounds that have very short hair or very sensitive skin. With one of our bibs, you will avoid sunburn.

Bathrobes for after a dip

If you see that it can refresh and you have a good arsenal of our greyhound clothing, prepared in the waykend (if you haven't bought it yet, you can here), you just have to get hold of one of our bathrobes for greyhounds, and you'll be dry in no time.

Plus, you can keep it on if you're cold and not wet, to wear it as a coat if it gets cold. Or even as pajamas to sleep in if you are going to spend the night outside and you are afraid that it will be cold. In the end all our greyhound garments are very versatile, but we put the name of the main function for which they are dedicated.

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