The importance of identification plates for your greyhound

One of the biggest fears of any doggy mom and dad is the moment when this can get lost. We do not even want to imagine the anguish that living it means, therefore, any precaution is little. Currently, by law, all our colleagues have a chip where all their information is collected. Sometimes, they can find the dog when the vet is closed or maybe they don't have any nearby, in these cases that your buddy has an identification tag will be perfect. Today in the blue greyhound we are going to tell you the importance of identification plates for your greyhound.

identification plates for your greyhound

easy identification

Inside the identification plate we can find the dog name and at least one phone number. Thanks to this data, being able to find the owners will be much easier than having to go, yes or yes, to the veterinarian to check the chip. Simply call the number and give them the joy that their dog go back home.

The stress that the dog will go through while it is lost could be lessened if, upon finding it, they see its name on the tag and start calling it. In this way the dog will associate that act with something good and familiar that will reassure.

Choosing the correct dog tag for your greyhound

We can find multiple plates with different shapes and materials, but we have to know how to choose well. The ideal is that the size of the plate fits your compi, that it is not too big to bother, nor too small that the data is not well read. On the other hand, the material must be durable, steel is a great option and if the data is recorded, you will ensure that it does not disappear. At El Galgo Azul we have the identification plates for your most beautiful greyhound, each one with a different design where you can engrave your dog's name and your phone number.

Special needs

If our compi has any allergies, special needs or requires medication, ideally, write this on the board. In this way, in case they are missing for several days, they can see their basic needs directly on the plate and try to cover them.

constantly runs away

If you have one of those dogs that can't sit still at home and run away frequently, we recommend you engrave your home address on the plate as well. Most of these dogs do not usually leave the neighborhood and the area they know, but it is true that sometimes they disorient, if a neighbor finds it and looks at its license plate, they can bring it home very easily.

The priority in these cases is dog health and, most likely, the dog is looking forward to returning home, with its owners and in its comfort zone. Speeding up this process is essential to avoid major misfortunes, all precautions are few. As an extra idea we want to tell you that many parents are choosing to place in the harness or necklace of his dog a GPS designed for dogs. Thanks to this tool they can locate it with their mobile and find it in a matter of minutes, especially it is used for dogs that, as we mentioned before, frequently run away.

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