The main personality traits of greyhounds

If adopting a dog is a thought that runs through our heads, the most common thing is that we look for breeds that best suit our lifestyle. On many occasions, the choice is made purely for aesthetic reasons and, normally, we tend to make mistakes in such a way that we cannot cover the basic needs of our dog. A great example of this is the fever of the Border Collie, now they are fashion and that is why we do not stop seeing them, but they are a race that needs a lot of physical activity, more than most can offer them. Today we tell you the main characteristics of the personality of greyhounds, So you will see if it is your ideal dog!


These animals enjoy the warmth of home and family. In winter especially they love being with us, receive our warmth and affection. Despite being very athletic, this breed not too active, so they prefer short walks of about 20 minutes and go home to sleep. Thus our beds are designed so that enjoy those long naps that they love, the design Sweet Matisse freaks us out!


Being homey and easygoing go a bit hand in hand, but we want to make reference to the general tranquility. It is a breed that does not usually enter into conflicts, walk without problem with us and at home you will have a ideal behavior.

very docile

If you are looking for a good, kind and grateful dog, you need a greyhound in your life. They are shy and at first they find it difficult to socialize, so it is recommended that from puppies they learn to play and communicate with other dogs. With people, at first you can staying away, but as soon as you gain their trust it will be delighted that you give him your love.

greyhound personality

Very intelligent

they learn fast and they do not usually have difficulties when it comes to training. you can teach him wander loose through the field, to come to you, a Walk beside you and other tricks without problem.


The personality of greyhounds is also very sensible. They are very affected by the way they are treated, therefore, and, as with any other animal, we must have great respect for them and treat him with kindness and affection.


They are not usually dogs that bark a lotOn the contrary, they tend to be calm and quiet most of the time. It is true that, in the end, barking is his form of communication, but let's say that he is not a dog that will bark at everything with the minimum of stimulation.

The personality of greyhounds with children nearby

Without a doubt, if you want your son or daughter to grow up with an animal nearby, the greyhound is a good option. Patience is one of his virtues, adding to this what has already been said about his tranquility and kindness, we cannot imagine a better companion for the little one in the house. Even so, remember that we must educate our children in such a way that from minute 1 they learn to respect the dog, is one of the family, not a toy.

It is clear that our beloved greyhounds are dogs of ten, nobody doubts it, but that does not mean that it has to be your ideal dog. There are as many dogs as there are different people, look for the one that best suits you and remember, Always adopt!

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