Greyhound clothing: Prepare it for the cold!

If you are looking greyhound clothes, You are in the right place! The greyhounds they are puppies very cold which, especially at low temperatures, need clothes to warm up. Of course, not all clothing is the same and what fits one breed of dog may not fit another. Remember that greyhounds are dogs with a very long and stylish body. They need very special outfits! In The Blue Greyhound You will find what you are looking for to protect your pet from low temperatures and rain.

Greyhound clothing, where to start?

We already mentioned it, greyhounds are a breed that needs a extra heat due to the drop in temperatures. This is because lack undercoat and their ability to store fat is lower compared to other dogs. That is why it is important to equip them with greyhound clothes, which has been designed specifically for this type of pets. Nowadays there are a wide variety of outfits for them!

The sweatshirt is a basic clothing item for greyhounds.

Greyhound pajamas

We start with the clothes to be at home, ideal for keeping your best dog friend warm, even if he is very well protected inside the home. To be at home, nothing like greyhound pajamas. They are the best complement for your pet! In our store you can find diferent models ideal for the most domestic greyhounds. For example, the high neck pajamas that cover the head, are perfect for the coldest dogs.

We also have short sleeve pajamas, which are good for half-time and, for the coldest days of the year, then pajamas with long sleeves and legs, Yes! These pajamas keep your legs very warm. front and hind legs from your best canine friend. Greyhound pajamas are very soft and warm And, we are sure that your greyhound will not want to wear anything else.

Greyhound clothing: Time to walk!

To the walk time, greyhound clothing like sweatshirts Y jackets it is necessary. For half-time and when the temperature is not yet so cold, we recommend a short sleeve dungarees. However, facing the cold, nothing like the warmest and warmest greyhound clothing. In our store You can find sweatshirts and jackets perfect for fall and winter. The best? Jackets and sweaters They fit very well to your pet's body, this way you will feel more protected; The sweatshirt, for its part, is something looser. You can also get some greyhound vest, Perfect for halftime!

These clothes They look very striking prints and they are very easy to take off and put on. Of course, they are very comfortable, soft and warm. Your pet will not be cold and will be able to move freely while out for a walk.

Raincoat for rainy days

If you live in a high rain area, then you need a raincoat for your greyhound. But not just any raincoat, but one that protects you from rain and low temperatures. The raincoats what you can find in The Blue Greyhound They are light like a neoprene, but very soft Y flexible. This allows them to adapt to your pet's body. These garments are a combination of windbreaker Y micro polar fiber which prevents the greyhound from getting cold.

Raincoats keep the greyhound warm and protected from the rain

Other accessories for greyhounds

In addition to getting the greyhound clothes that we have advised you, do not forget to get a good bathrobe. And we have already seen that these pets are very cold and always need to be warm, especially during winter. If you need to bathe when temperatures drop, in addition to using warm water, we recommend have a greyhound bathrobe on hand. This way your best friend will warm up after the bath, while he dries off.

It is worth reminding you that during the winter, greyhounds need sleep in his bed and if it is in the company of a blanket that provides them with heat, the better! Don't forget to choose a bed that is big enough so that your pet sleeps very comfortably. In our store you can find different bed models, the best? That we have some beds that have a kind of blanket so that your greyhound is very well protected. Of course, it doesn't hurt to get an extra blanket just in case.

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