Types of Greyhounds
Types of Greyhounds

The different types of greyhound that exist in the world

Do you know the different types of greyhound that exist? Distinguished for their elegance and speed, these furry ones have managed to win hearts all over the world. Greyhounds have a long history dating back thousands of years. What's more, they are believed to be one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. They have been with us since

the kangaroo hound, the australian greyhound

The Kangaroo Hound, the Australian greyhound that is probably extinct

Throughout history there have been many changes in the breeds of dogs, and it is that if we see old photos, of how the breeds were at the beginning of their existence, with the first crosses, to how they are now, you can see a lot of changes. Today we are going to talk about some of the greyhound breeds that

Types of Greyhounds

Magyar Agar, the Hungarian Greyhound

In the mysterious Ural Mountains, the Hungarian hound has its roots, a breed unknown outside the borders of its country of origin, but with hundreds of centuries on its back. The esteem and consideration of his people was so high that he received his own name, Magyar Agár, the greyhound of the Magyars. This imposing greyhound has developed its

Types of Greyhounds

The sloughi, the African desert greyhound

The sloughi was born to the shelter of the Berbers and Bedouins, a greyhound of great distinction and elegance that is still a great unknown outside its borders. Morocco is considered their country of origin, although it is also discussed by other countries such as Algeria, Tunisia and Libya, being a race that existed before they were born as nations.

Types of Greyhounds

The Polish Greyhound, the last recognized greyhound

With an alert and penetrating gaze, the Polish sighthound is an enigma. This powerful greyhound with a great hunting instinct has not yet crossed the border of Poland, his native country, where it has conquered hundreds of homes after its recovery and popularization at the end of the 19th century as a national symbol. Its standard has remained practically unchanged since the 19th century

Types of Greyhounds

The Borzoi, the royal dog of Russia

Feline and mysterious, the Borzois are a breed that is often misunderstood. They were once exclusive to the Russian nobility, but thanks to the passion and struggle of the European breeders of the last century, who risked their own lives in the attempt, they survived the massacre that the Russian Revolution entailed. Although its standard was set in the seventeenth century, it was

Types of Greyhounds

The Azawakh, the dog of free men

Unique, exotic and unknown are the three adjectives that define the Azawakh, the African greyhound that has accompanied the nomadic tribes of the Sahara Desert since time immemorial. And when we say immemorial, we do it with all the use of the word, since this breed has the honor of being considered by experts as one of the oldest

Types of Greyhounds

The Irish Wolfhound, the tallest dog in the world

It's the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. Leading the Irish Guard regiment is Domhnall, a spectacular Irish wolfhound who leaves no one in the audience indifferent, who mills expectantly behind the fences to watch the showy parade. This regiment is the only one that is allowed to parade with its pet, which embodies

Whippet drawing
Types of Greyhounds

The Whippet, the master of acceleration

Nicknamed the "poor man's greyhound" and considered its younger brother, the whippet is a breed that looks out for itself. Centuries of history rest on his shoulder blades and his physical power makes him the fastest of dogs of his size. But that is not all. Although it seems impossible, the whippet is capable of winning

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