Dog father there is only one

The one who takes walks in the morning in the rain, who drops the chicken under the table, who lifts the duvet at dawn, who organizes Sunday excursions by car, who buys another toy that you don't need and that occupies all your memory of the mobile with thousands of photos of your dog.

For all that and much more, every dog parent deserves the best in the world. AND remind him on Father's Day with a gift it never hurts 😀


The countdown begins to celebrate Father's Day and it's time to look for that gift to thank him for all the love he gives to your dog. And since we love giving people acute galguitis, we are going to help you choose the gift with a very special product selection.


If your dog dad is one of those who always leaves the keys in any corner or complains of another scratch on the mobile screen, one of our keychains It will be a detail.

They are incredibly unique because they are handmade in the workshop Blue Greyhoundhe and promote adoption with our motto "Adopt a greyhound, lose a sofa." They fit perfectly in pockets because they are the size of a card and they are suitable for vegan parents because they are made of leatherette.

If you have fallen in love with our key rings, now the most difficult thing will be deciding what color you want it:blue, lilac or green? 😉


Double coffee, black tea, unsweetened almond milk, green smoothie, colacao with crumbs... our cups they are suitable for any breakfast and on top of that they brighten up the morning with a good shot of galguitis. Whatever your dog dad is, we have cups for everyone:

  1. for the dreamers: if he has an affair with Morpheus and falls in love chasing dreams, you will catch him with our mug «5 more minutes!”
  2. for the laggards: If you're one of those people who can stick to sheets and can't get along with alarm clocks, you need our mug «A uuuuuurgent coffee!«.
  3. for coffee growers: if you are one of those people who loves a good black coffee, our “Coffee Cup” is your thing.
  4. For those with acute galguitis: if you share the sofa with a greyhound or your eyes roll every time you see one walking down the street, give them our mug «Greyhounds«.
  5. For the most elegant: if he is one of those who take care of his image and grooms his beard every time, make him dazzle with our mug «greyhound with bow tie«.

Depending on the model, our cups Are they ceramic or porcelain? and can be put into microwave and dishwasher. Plus, they're all handmade in our workshop, where the illustrations are added to each of the mugs that we send you.


And if there is a gift that no dog parent can resist, it is a custom illustration from (or with) your best friend. A detail like few others that will occupy a very special place in your living room and in your dog's heart.

No matter how you imagine the illustration, from The Blue Greyhound We will capture your idea in brushstrokes: from your furry showing his best profile, through that summer day at the beach, to the two of you together in your favorite corner of the sofa.

And with the order not only you will receive the illustration in the mailbox at homeit will also come to you a digital copy to your email so you can print it how and where you want: on a poster, a notebook, a mug, a t-shirt... Remember, the only limit is your imagination 🙂

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