Doggy paradise beach

Life is to enjoy it. It is something that I set out to do at the beginning of 2015 with my pets. And yesterday was one of those days when we all ENJOY LIFE.

They had told us about a doggy beach, where they are the kings. So we loaded the van with towels and some sandwiches, and we went with some friends from the park to spend the day on the beach.

This was doggy paradise. A lot of furry animals of all sizes splashing in the water with their owners, running from end to end along the shore,… and at the head of the pack were the galguitos. The beach was very safe, there was no immediate access to the road and the water barely covered, so we humans could calmly admire the whole show.

In my case, my imagination was going 100x / h with so much stimulation, and I did not stop mentally jotting down some illustrations to draw. I leave some here ... I hope you are enjoying the summer as much as we do!




Dog in the sea

Dogs playing in the sand

Dog bathing

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