A special Christmas decoration ...

Little by little we are seeing signs that it is getting closer: some alleys already have lights installed, Starbucks cups are red, the windows of Chinese bazaars look like nightclubs... Yes! Everything indicates that Christmas is approaching.

We love to think about the decoration of the house, to think of some DIY out of Pinterest, and Christmas greetings. And this year we have prepared some very, very, very special decorations for true dog lovers. Let's see what you think!

Do you like them? They are all authentic ornaments handmade, sewn by hand with unpublished illustrations of El galgo azul, which you can get from next Monday in our Etsy shop. There are seven different models!

I am looking forward to setting up the tree to hang some of them, and others to put them on the doorknobs… that is, safe from naughty greyhounds and kittens!!

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