Ciertopelo Market

A week ago I participated with all the "tinglao" in my first market, and the opportunity was given to us by the girls from the Ciertopelo market.

I tried to make our stop synthesize the essence of The Blue Greyhound, and I took the opportunity to put all the new products on sale for the first time. I leave you some pictures here.

There was no shortage of our product of the season, the doggiest Christmas decorations! The truth is that they liked them a lot. I also had the collaboration of My Cake Barcelona, who made us some delicious cookies to give to everyone who came to buy something. Not one left! But there were not only cookies for humans ... the furry ones who came to see us also took their cookie 🙂

The blue greyhound at Ciertopelo Market

And of course, on a special day like our first market, the culprits of everything could not be missing, and I took photos of everyone!

Despite the cold and the wind, and the cold I got, it was a great experience. I'm already planning the next one! I will keep you informed ... but while you can stroll through the Online store.

Thank you very much to all, to all, and to the fuzzies who came to see us !!

Photographs by Silvia Ruiz.

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