How to take care of dog pads every day

The pads of our dogs are very resistant, but at the same time they are also very sensitive. If we live in the city, they are exposed to conditions that are not too favorable, but if we live in a country area, stones or chips can be nailed, among other things. This means that we must look at them and take care of them so that those little shoes allow them to run and walk without problems for life. We explain you how to care for dog pads.

How to care for dog pads

One of the things we should do is get used to our dogs walking, throughout the year, on different surfaces: sand, dirt, asphalt, grass ... He will have a great time exploring and testing his body, but he will also get used to it to walk on all kinds of surfaces and your pads will be ready for any adventure. However, special attention must be paid to a number of factors.

Beware of burns

Do you know the feeling of walking without shoes on the sand of the beach in the middle of summer? Surely many times you have run to the towel or to the water because you burned the soles of your feet. The same thing happens to the dogs when in summer they walk on the asphalt in hours of maximum heat. Try to avoid those hours or walk with your furry in the shade to avoid burns on the pads.

You can put the palm of your hand on the sidewalk or asphalt to check if it burns or not. If you do not hold your hand on that surface for more than 5 seconds, the dog could burn the pads.

The same goes for snow. Dogs love to play in the snow, but if a barrier cream has not been applied to the pads before they can burn or crack. Look for a protective cream that is suitable for dogs and that if they lick it there is no danger for them.

Beware of sores and wounds

Those of us who share life with a furry man know what they like to run free in the fields and mountains. Yes it is true that it is a much more pleasant terrain for them, but there are stones, branches, thorns and also small insects that could stay on their pads or legs.

Tips for caring for dog pads

After the walk you will have to check his four pads and check that they do not have any injuries and that there are no parasites between his fingers. It is also a very good idea to hydrate them so that the next day they are ready for more play and exploration.

What to do if my dog has bad pads?

Burns, wounds and sores are the three main problems that a furry can suffer on their pads.

If the burn It is mild you will have to keep their paws hydrated and apply a healing cream on the burned pad. If the burn is serious you will have to go to the vet as soon as possible.

If you detect that your dog has a injured or cut, the first thing you will have to do is clean it with water and neutral soap. Then you will have to use a cream that keeps the pad hydrated and favors its healing. If the wound is very serious you will have to go to the vet.

If the pads are only cracked a moisturizer should suffice. But, as always, when in doubt it is better to pay a visit to the vet.

Remember to always use appropriate products for dogs. Our moisturizers are not suitable for our furry ones, they may even contain a component that is toxic to them. Make sure to buy the cream in a specialized store where they can advise you and where they can tell you that nothing happens if they lick the pads after applying the product.

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