7 tips to take care of your greyhound's skin and coat

Galguetes are dogs that fall in love, but their beauty is intensified more when their skin and coat are well cared for. Something that, of course, also makes them gain in health. But do you know how take care of your greyhound's skin? It is not necessary to spend a lot of time, just follow these quick and simple tips so that your furry's skin and coat are well cared for.

Tips for caring for your greyhound's skin and coat

If you are not sure how to start taking care of your greyhound's skin and coat, take note of the following tips and add an extra dose of doggy love daily. It never fails!

1. The bathroom only when it touches

Although it may seem that bathing is the key to making your galguete's coat look shiny, healthy and beautiful, it is not. We advise you to bathe your furry only when necessary and it is really dirty. Greyhounds are very clean and hardly smell, so over-bathing them could damage their skin.

2. Choose the right shampoo

When you decide to bathe him use a shampoo whose components are natural and with a pH similar to that of the dog, which would be pH 7. Never use your soap to bathe him, as it could affect the skin. Dog Moms products are for Dog Moms only.

3. Brush it every week

Greyhound hair needs a weekly brushing even if it's short. Uses a rubber brush oo a natural bristle brush to avoid damaging the skin and to help you remove dead hair and dirt. If you do it this often, you will immediately notice that its coat is brighter.

Best tips for caring for your greyhound's skin

4. Watch your diet

That your dog is well fed can make the difference between a beautiful hair and a spectacular coat. Give it a quality feed, read the composition and make sure it contains everything your friend needs. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids strengthen the hair, also some vegetables such as carrots, peas, alfalfa, and broccoli are very beneficial. If you find a feed with those ingredients, great!

5. Use vitamin supplements

In molting times you can give your greyhound vitamin supplements so that new hair grows healthy and strong. Of course, it is not about eliminating the molt, since it is necessary, it is about making it last less. We advise you to try omega 3 oil supplements.

6. Be very careful with the cold

Greyhounds are very sensitive dogs to low temperatures and humidity, so in autumn and winter put a good sweater or sweatshirt to go out for a walk. And if you think it's a bit cold at home, you can put some pajamas on it.

7. Try to avoid injuries

Greyhounds love to run free in the field, but sometimes they get so excited that they scratch themselves as they pass through the bushes and trees. The best way to avoid these injuries is by using a lycra dungarees. This same garment can be used in summer to cool them if it is very hot, since you can wet it and put it on so that they are cool.

These are the tips we give you to take care of the skin of your greyhound and its fur. They are very simple tips and tricks to apply, so getting your furry looking beautiful and healthy will not take up too much time. Although I know very well that when it comes to taking care of our gauges we take time from anywhere. And don't forget the extra dose of doggy love!

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