Why is greyhound fur so thin? How to protect it?

Greyhounds are very special dogs in every way and they have many peculiarities that make them unique. One of these peculiarities is that, unlike other furry greyhounds, greyhounds have very thin skin. This makes them more chilly than others and that they also get hurt easily when they run happily in nature. Butwhy greyhound fur is so thin?

Why is greyhound fur so thin?

Dogs have two types of hair, the primary and the secondary, the latter also known as undercoat. If you look closely at the hair of your greyhound, you will see that it is fine, short, dense and smooth and that it lacks that second layer, that of the undercoat, which would protect it from the cold. That is why they are dogs so sensitive to cold and humidity.

They also have a lower fat storage capacity, which is why they have that athletic little body. A good layer of fat under the skin serves as an insulator from the cold, but gauges have lost the ability to store subcutaneous fat.

It is these two characteristics, the lack of undercoat and the inability to store sucutaneous fat, which make the skin of the greyhound thinner when compared to that of other dogs.

How to protect the skin of the greyhound?

As we have already said, the skin of the greyhound is thinner compared to that of other dogs, so they are more chilly and can also get injured or scratched more easily when they are running through the forest or when they are playing with their furry friends. . But everything has a solution.

Jumpers and sweatshirts

The jumpers and sweatshirts They are a perfect option to protect our gauges from the cold, in addition to preventing them from getting injured or scratched. Of course, in order not to reduce their mobility, it is very important that the garments are made to measure and fit their little bodies.

Lycra bibs

For winter, sweaters and sweatshirts are ideal, but for summer they are not appropriate because it could give them a heat stroke. For the months of high temperatures the lycra overalls, which can be wet so they are cooler, are the best option. In addition, the skin is protected from possible scratches or scrapes for when they get between bushes or run between trees. And the best of all is that it is totally adjusted to your body, so it does not bother you to run and play.

Other cares

Putting a piece of clothing on may not be enough to take care of your greyhound's skin, there are other things that you should take into account, such as bath frequency. It is best not to bathe greyhounds too much, as their skin could become weak if the natural oils that protect it disappear. Of course, when you do, remember to do it with a shampoo that is mild. And even if your hair is short, we recommend brush it with a soft bristle from time to time.

As you can see, although the skin of the greyhound is thinner than usual, everything has a solution and it is not serious at all. They just need a little doggy love and some care to keep her healthy.

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