The Blue Greyhound and BaasGalgo: together for greyhound

When you meet a greyhound and they befriend you, a unique bond is created. In my case, acute galguitis changed my perspective on life and planted within me the seed of El Galgo Azul, a project that I am passionate about and with which I want to fulfill the mission of making this world a little more dog-like in general and greyhound in particular.

We want more and more greyhounds to enjoy their well-deserved sofa and to achieve this we collaborate with Baas Greyhound from our origins. The product that has best embodied this union is the solidarity bracelet, a success in its launch and that has returned so you can collaborate in the cause at the same time that you show off 18 irresistible greyhounds on your wrist 😀


The Blue Greyhound was born with the aim of filling your homes with dog love, but also with the intention of changing the situation of the greyhound in Spain.

Ever since greyhounds came into my life, I knew I had to contribute to the fight against the abandonment and mistreatment of this magnificent breed. The Blue Greyhound It is the realization of that desire to infect all of you with galguitis, showing you with our products the reality of the sofa greyhound, as well as with donations to improve their situation.

The person responsible for this quixotic struggle is Nagore, who takes care of one of Iñaki and Peter's brothers, and dedicates a large part of her life to Baas Greyhound, with whom we have ended up collaborating for multiple reasons. Apart from the friendships that were born after the adoption and his magnificent trajectory for more than 10 years, their mission is in tune with ours, this being the fight for the change of vision that society has about greyhounds, considering them as "an element to use and throw away" and not as the great companion animal that it is.



Baas Greyhound is a non-profit association founded as a civic response to the abuse and neglect suffered by the greyhound in Spain. They are based in Madrid and thanks to the work of their volunteers they rescue and physically and mentally rehabilitate abandoned greyhounds or those at risk of being slaughtered in kennels.

The association does not have shelter. The rescued dogs are located in shelters or in one Madrid residence, where they provide a space and protection for their dogs. As I live in Barcelona, had not had the opportunity to visit the residence to know part of their daily work. Fortunately, They have shelters in Barcelona and, thanks to them, the greyhounds can recover in a family environment full of love and soft beds..

The last time I was in Madrid with El Galgo Azul I was visited by many volunteers from Baas Greyhound, committed and fantastic people with whom I shared anecdotes and hugs that go straight to the heart. Between that and the almost daily contact through the internet, I felt the desire to pay them a visit.

The opportunity came this month, when, for a leisure trip to Madrid with a friend, I was able to arrange a visit to the residence to meet their furry ones. One Sunday morning we got lost in the fields, to later find ourselves surrounded by those sweet and somewhat shy gazes that melt hearts, something that only greyhounds know how to do.

Never before had I known this facet that associations play. My experience had been with what is usually the last link in the chain, foster homes, that wonderful place where the dog ends its recovery and enjoys the familiar atmosphere of a home. Despite the good conditions in which the dogs are in the residence, I could not help but grieve when I felt the sadness of mistreatment and abandonment. I was impressed to see how some excitedly awaited a greeting in the form of a caress and others who, taking refuge in their beds, were not yet ready for human contact. Greyhounds, podencos and mestizos had been lucky enough to be rescued and, unknowingly, they had started their new life towards the conquest of a gentleman sofa in the home that they deserve so much.

The anonymous and selfless work of volunteers is the cornerstone of Baas Greyhound. They are people who get involved with dogs, dedicating their leisure space to change an unfair situation. For some it may be hard work because you have to dedicate that valuable time that costs us so much to get, but it is the most rewarding. Feeling the happiness of a dog that had been unhappy is the best reward. On Baas Greyhound there is always a lot of work to do, but the hands they have are not very many. Therefore need volunteers, to be able to continue filling sofas with fur and happiness for families who, without being aware, need a greyhound in their lives.

If you want to become a volunteer and live this wonderful experience, send an email to indicating "VOLUNTEER" in the subject of the email.



Baas Greyhound does not receive public donations, their work is supported through donations, dedicated entirely to the rescue and recovery of their animals. For this reason not only volunteer work is vital, otherwise also to guarantee a monthly income in order to continue working.

Since our inception more than two years ago, we collaborate with Baas Greyhound. we start with the solidarity bracelets and, since the launch of the website at the end of 2016, we have become a solidarity company by donating 5% of our profits.

The solidarity bracelets They were a success when they were launched and this year we have brought them back by popular demand. They measure 1.5 cm x 35 cm and in them the 18 coat colors of greyhounds are represented in full color. Thanks to the donation you make with your purchase, you can boast of acute galguitis at the same time that you help to change the situation of the greyhound in Spain. Can you resist the hypnotic gaze of 18 greyhounds? 😉

Another way to contribute is by acquiring their merchandising, in which we have collaborated through of the donation of two illustrations accompanied by its motto «together by greyhound«. The purchase is made through the solidarity sale in the Redbubble by BaasGalgo and the profit goes entirely to the association.
the website of Baas Greyhound It is under construction, but you can follow its work from its social networks. They are present in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Y teaming, from where you can join to make a monthly donation of €1.
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