Textilbox experience

I met Violeta at a community meeting in Extraordinary. She came from Germany (although she is Valencian), and she came with a proposal for me in the form of a box. So I didn't think twice, and we met for dinner to break the 2.0 barrier.

violet leads Textilbox, a small company that brings you home the world of creative sewing. Each box includes an idea, a tutorial and the materials you need to machine sew the proposed project. I liked the DIY proposal, and even more so when he suggested illustrating the fabric for his next box. The truth is that my relationship with sewing had been a bit sloppy, at most I had sewn bows for tote bag, and sewing on a button had been a bit of a drama. But illustrating a canvas, that he really knew how to do!

So I put pencil in hand and, to work! The fabric I had to design was to sew a backpack where you could carry your keys, mobile phone, a book... ideal for walking carrying the weight distributed on your back... and much better if a furry friend accompanies you on the walk!! That's why we decided to call the print “Doggy lifestyle”. In the first sketches, an assortment of greyhounds began to appear that postured belly up, playing, running... After discarding several options, I opted for a rainbow of greyhounds. The infinite composition of colorful greyhounds seemed like a good proposal for the backpack, fun and that conveyed good vibes, like the one transmitted by furry ones. Pure joy!

The textile box arrived at home, and I decided to buy a sewing machine on sale (it was enough to use my father-in-law's!). I was facing my first real sewing project, so I followed the tutorial that marked me. Step by step I was sewing with all the materials in the box. My Doggy lifestyle backpack was taking shape, and I came very high with the result! In a simple way I learned the French seam, and I was surprised how well it turns out leaving the entire interior without visible seams! A very professional finish, ideal so that the keys do not get caught 😉

So after the first Textilbox experience, I was already hooked on the world of sewing. I signed up for classes with some very nice ladies: they sew things for their children and grandchildren, and I sew little coats for my greyhounds. I need to put some buttons, but I have not been able to prevent them from being released.

greyhound coats

If you want to try the Textil box experience, Violeta left some units in our online store. Do not hesitate, it gives a lot of high to learn to sew with such cool projects and then you can use it in your day to day. I'm going to give a few for Christmas to some very crafty friends who will surely like it!!!

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