Iñaki, the greyhound that unleashed this whole story

I'm about to write the first blog post about El galgo azul while I have at my feet a white greyhound, another brindle perched on the side of the sofa, a Siamese cat that thinks it's a rug, and another two-month-old Siamese climbing behind the sofa with a little wind-up mouse in his mouth.

The blue greyhound already has life in FacebookInstagram Y Twitter for about three months, but we want to open the blog to have a larger space to share other things. I do not intend the blog to become a personal diary, but a space where we can explain news, new projects, curiosities that we like, show cool things that we see, and well, the occasional anecdote too! ... that these animals give for a lot 😉

To put you in context, behind these lines is Sara, a dog and cat mom since she moved in with her partner Marc. I confess that I imagined my first year living together with not many responsibilities, as a couple... but when I got to the flat with the first suitcase, I found that Iñaki came to receive me at the door. And so it was, the month and a half greyhound with his piggy tail had reached the flat before me.

It was so cute! Iñaki came from a rescue of a greyhound named Victoria (now Leia), who was accompanied by a litter of nine puppies. Every day, Iñaki was conquering us and demonstrating the greatness and exceptionality of greyhounds, a breed little known to me until then.

Shortly after, Joaquín arrived, a Siamese who appeared in a sports bag in the park next to the house. From the first night the two became brothers, so who was I to separate them if they already loved each other? One was no one without the other, and you don't know how much they missed each other if one of them walked out the door with one of us. They gave us many precious moments, which I would like to show you below.

Unfortunately, Iñaki left us eight months later, leaving the seed of what would later become this El galgo azul project. Then came Nacho, Lucas, Peter and Matisse…but you already know these!

And that's how this whole story of The Blue Greyhound was triggered.

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