The Big Hairy Anniversary Party

It's May, we needed the final fireworks. As there is nothing that I like more than a good party and furry love, Elena Kaede and I come together to organize at the height of the circumstances: WE ARE THREE YEARS OLD! And we celebrate it in style, with good food and better company, human and canine 🙂


I had wanted to organize a good sarao for a long time ... and it is that in The Blue Greyhound we had many things to celebrate: Not only WE ARE THREE YEARS OLD, but also a year had passed since I started dedicating myself exclusively to this project. How quickly time passes! And since the occasion is painted bald, no more excuses were needed to get together and celebrate everything created in these years.

For the occasion, I counted once more on the help of Elena Kaede, friend and traveling companion, who also had reasons to celebrate: three years of travel and the merger of her two projects, Elena Kaede and Bigote de Tambourine, on her new website. And it is that we both share a similar journey, we set out to undertake at the same time and also in the animal universe. Side by side, we have supported each other from the beginning, from his photo shoots with Peter and Nacho, to the photos of my first collections. So, once again, we came together to make this celebration a furry party.

Invitations, guest list, venue ... There was so much to do! And without forgetting the most special guests: the dogs. With everything in mind, we began to organize our most special birthday.


Entredogs was the chosen place, a dog friendly cafeteria in Barcelona that was celebrating its first year of life. From celebration to celebration; and it is that coincidences are not sought, they appear. And the best of all is that they serve delicious food with very careful attention, both to humans and dogs, so that everything goes perfectly.

And with the site ready, we started working on the guest list. We would have liked to invite all of our friends, but we had to stick to the capacity of the cafeteria. In the end they were forty humans, many accompanied by their four-legged friends, from the sector of dogs, cats and rabbits. In addition, we raffle a couple of invitations on our Instagram profiles so that you could join the event 🙂

We didn't want the party to be just another birthday we wanted to give the guests a very fun and interesting afternoon, so we season it with some talks. Elena Kaede took over the first, inspiring us to turn our pets into Instagram stars with his advice on animal photography; while, Mercé from Canine Tourism, launched us on the adventure of traveling the Camino de Santiago with our dogs.

What's more, we include some stands with a selection of products of our respective brands. In scoop, the guests could see for the first time our new Rainbow collection, an explosion of color in necklacesstraps Y bow ties, so that our dogs shine on these sunny summer days. And in a very special corner, we inaugurate a solidarity exhibition of photographs taken by Elena Kaede and exclusive illustrations of El Galgo Azul, in which we donate all proceeds to protectoras. This initiative will accompany me in various events and with it we will help different associations, so stay tuned because we will inform you more about this project.


As in every birthday sir, at the end of the party we toast and blow out the candles, looking forward to celebrating many more years in such good company. Humans and dogs enjoy a sweet bite with some cakes made by Craft & Cakes Barcelona, a carrot cakes for humans; and by Snouts, for the four-legged guests.

The canine guests gave us all a lesson in citizenship, surprising many of their owners who were somewhat afraid to take them with them to the celebration because they had never done it before. Humans weren't the only ones to take new friends from the party, the dogs were at ease, socializing and, most importantly, having fun being themselves. Peter took this very seriously and, feeling at home, when he saw me confused, he would stretch out the snout to steal some fuet. And that they also had their piece of cake, pun intended 😉

Talking and undoing, time flew by. The dogs conquered us with a lick and we had fun like children in the photocall thanks to the masks of our pets that Elena gave us. The guests made very good crumbs and, with the snack in between, new collaborations and projects were cooked that have made us very excited.

On a personal level, it has been a success. Finding myself again with old friends, being lucky enough to de-virtualize the new ones, meeting your furry friends, the reactions to discovering the new collection ... You filled me with energy and a lot of good vibes, so I can only tell you that you will have acute galguitis for many more years.

Thank you very much to all! 🙂

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