The best accessories for greyhound lovers

On The Blue Greyhound We love to fill our furry with new ideas and accessories. But it is that from time to time it is time to focus on the fathers and mothers with acute galguitis. Because There are no greater lovers of greyhounds than us, and you, that you are reading this article; today we bring a compilation of those who like so much. Grab a pen and paper because you're sure to be interested, although you'll have most things just a click away. we bring you this list of the best accessories for greyhound lovers.

The best accessories for greyhound lovers: everything for the home

A all good dog dad and dog mom, likes to be recognized as soon as they enter your home. And it is that the love for animals is a way of life, but if on top fill the home with cute and cool things, so much better.

Cups and cushions for a doggy home decoration

Although right now there is not a greyhound in your house, have breakfast in one of our cups It will make you start the day better. And it is that the dog dad packs Y cat dad were a success, but you also have dog mom mugs or acute galguitis. For all tastes and palates.

And if you want to rest well, and you are also a decoration lover, you cannot miss the cushions of our collection. With prints to match the socks we still have in store. And it is that we cannot like them more, in addition to how soft and cuddly they are.

Bags of all kinds to carry anything

And it is that we always walk with things from one side to another, and since we don't like to forget anything, and they are also products that can be used to reduce waste, in the blue greyhound we have lots of bags and toiletry bags to choose.

Since spacious tote bag where you can take your shopping, food to work, accessories and games of your dog or things to go to class... Until our famous Multiways, As the Multiway tie-dye with these summer prints. That you can use as a wallet, pencil case, toiletry bag, toiletry bag, emergency bag...

And of course, all this, going through the fanny packs, backpacks and our wayken bag to put everything you need for the weekend. That there is no lack of space to put the just in case.

accessories for greyhound lovers

The best accessories for greyhound lovers for the summer

And how could it be otherwise, we have to highlight what's new for summer. Because we like nothing more than a good hippie print wherever we can capture it, and that's why we've done it one more time. And we love this collection. We can't decide on just one thing so let's tell you about a couple of them.

It is just as important to cool off always have a towel handy To get dry. and with our podenco peace lover towel, you can go with all the accessories for your greyhound from the most summery collection. You know that as always, made with all the dog love, and woven by hand in our workshop.

Y the swimsuits that do not go out of style, and that continue to sweep this summer. Made with great care to give you all the ergonomics and movement in the water, with this characteristic multicolor tone that we like so much.

And it's been a long time since we lent attention to dog dads and moms, and we counted all the things we have in store for you and you. That we live for and for our greyhounds, but we also deserve to indulge ourselves.

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