The must to have: clothes for greyhounds that you must have yes or yes

For all the moms and dads who have, like us, acute galguitis. Today I bring you a very special collection of clothing for greyhounds that you must have yes or yes.

Must to have : must-have greyhound clothing

Although all the products What is there in the online store They are ideal for greyhounds, today we are going to talk about three items in particular, and why it is so necessary to have them in the closet always available.

Greyhound overalls

We can say that the bibs what we have, are the star garment of clothing for greyhounds What do we have in store. Not only for the comfort of the garment and the versatility of use, but also because they are a good protection system for the skin of our dogs.

For all those who live with a greyhound, the fact that they have very thin and very sensitive skin, besides being super cold. Well, precisely the objective of the bibs is not to make them feel hot, that's why They are made of breathable fabrics. The purpose of these garments is protect the skin of our greyhounds, since, on occasions, when going to play in a park, looking for hiding places or hitting a few races through the pine forest, your skin may suffer cracks, wounds or scrapes.

The bib is a physical barrier to protect the skin of our furry companions, in addition to being made with the best materials, very diverse designs, and of course, with all doggy love of the world.

Greyhound bathrobe

Effectively, This article of clothing exists and now you will understand why. It is important, especially in winter and in the colder months, make sure that our greyhound does not go to sleep with wet skin nor does it stay with moisture in the body.

At bath time, (which is not recommended to do it too often, but on rainy days it is essential to do it to remove mud and dirt) it is very necessary to have a tool to dry our dog. But in addition to this with the bathrobe we are going to make sure that during the time you spend waiting to dry, it won't get cold nor will your bones or joints be sore from the humidity accumulated.

And how not to stand out, because it is not for less, how well our greyhound bathrobe. Since when you put it on in addition to feeling the best mom or the best dad, you are going to want to cuddle your dog.

clothing for greyhounds that you must have yes or yes

Greyhound Jerseys

Already summer is ending, and the arrival of the cold is becoming more and more imminent. It is true that it is still good, but it does not hurt to remember that we are talking about one of the coolest dog breeds what's up.

Just as huskies are very hot in summer, and we can see the poor always panting and suffocating, the greyhounds in summer are very agustito with temperature. But suddenly winter comes and they start to shiver.

For this reason it is important to have a jersey for them. How could it be otherwise, these jerseys of which we speak they are specific for greyhounds. It wouldn't make sense to put a wool sweater like ours on them, as it would constantly snag and fray the garment. For this very reason our jerseys are snag proof, lined inside with very soft fleece fabric, and with different designs and patterns ideal on the outside.

Renew clothes from time to time

And last but always we do all the little things from the heart, give a lot of use to a garment, especially if we are talking about a very active greyhound, it can end up wearing it out completely. Although we are creating quality garments and specifically thought for this use, they will stay in better condition if you alternate them, and your dog will appreciate that you renew the wardrobe when yours is already very used.

Do not forget that you also have a lot of accessories for you, with which you can always go with the must to have: The Best Greyhound Clothing You Must Have.

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