Swimsuits and towels to match the greyhounds to enjoy the summer together

With the arrival of the heat and the holidays, sometimes we are assailed by doubts about the things we can do and not in the company of our dog friends. For all the moms out there acute galguitis, we bring the best ideas to go to the last in the best company this summer, with a lot of plans where to cool off and brand new swimsuits and matching towels with the greyhounds to enjoy this summer together.

Getaways to cool off the hottest

Although the greyhounds they are not especially hot, it is true that this summer we are subjecting ourselves to very high temperatures, and that makes anyone sweat. The best way to avoid sunstroke and hot flashes is to put ourselves in their shoes, trying do not take them out during the hottest hours, always look for places where there is shade, give them much water especially at times when it is hotter, and be careful with the sudden temperature changes, which are not good for anyone.

Seek a place to cool off together is easier than you think, looking for a little information you will find a lot of beaches for dogs in our country, where they are so welcome our furry ones like us, and if the beach getaway doesn't convince you, you can always look for a swimming area or a nearby stream where there is possibility to put the feet and the legs.

It's an opportunity to have a good time together and have a very good summer experience, refreshing and pleasant in the best company.

Bathing suits and towels to match the greyhounds for these getaways

We cannot make a getaway of this type and not go fully equipped, to enjoy the best of summer as a couple, we offer you our new seasonal collections.

swimsuits for us

These swimsuits with hippie print, tie-dye style, our swimsuit above all shines for its comfort. Being of a classic pattern, like a lifelong swimsuit, comfortable and ergonomic to be able to do any activity in and out of the water.

With what has been this summer the faded style with colors, we could not be less, that's why we give you a choice between two models, one with colder tones for all those little mermaids who dream of reuniting with the sea, with a gradient of colors in red, fuchsia, lilac and turquoise blue, with the identifying touch of the galguitis that represents us. the other model play with a more tropical aesthetic, with gradients in light pink, yellow, green and light blue. And of course with our greyhound patch sewn on the strap.

these swimsuits they will give you style and comfort, they can be washed in the washing machine and are made with great care so that you can enjoy the water and the summer sun.

swimsuits and towels to match the greyhounds

Breastplates and harnesses for them

How could it be otherwise, our collection of swimsuits tie-dye is accompanied by a wide range of products and accessories for our greyhounds. We have the two models of swimsuits in version summer overalls, to protect your skin and show off the latest this summer.

We have also taken a matching collection with these swimsuits, from harnesses and collars with which you can have a different matching outfit every day, always with the maximum safety and quality so that the skin of the greyhounds does not suffer.

And with what we like to pamper them and pamper ourselves, we do not see a way better than going to game on these hot days.

towels for everyone

And they couldn't miss some towels to match where to dry off and finish completing outfit. These towels are lovingly made in the same style as the rest of the accessories, but with our favorite hippie greyhounds in the center of each.

With this complete pack there are no excuses not to show off anywhere, and like everything we do in the blue greyhound, It is made and designed for the greatest comfort and durability of mothers and greyhounds.

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