Why the skin of greyhounds requires blankets and pajamas to sleep well

He winter is already a reality and the plans of nature expeditions and long afternoon walks are gone dissipating little by little. This does not mean that we continue making the most of daylight hours to move the body a little and go for a walk with our furry warmly dressed. But the nights ask movie and blanket plans in the company of galguetesaccommodated of course in their beds and with their pajamas made with all the doggy love. And today we tell you that is the best for them we talk to you about why the skin of greyhounds requires blankets and pajamas to sleep well in winter.

A no one likes to wake up overnight by the cold, for having an uncovered belly, or for a sore throat suddenly appears because we have not spent a warm night, in our Nordic how it should have been. Well, just like us, our greyhounds don't like it either, and they have very delicate skin and so They lose a lot of heat. they need external help to maintain your body temperature and being able to sleep soundly in the cold winter nights.

Greyhounds skin requires blankets and pajamas to sleep well in winter

greyhound skin

surely more than once you've seen to a greyhound shivering down the street, in a rainy day, a cool afternoon or simply in winter. And it is that his skin is very thin and it is one of the breeds that spend the coldest.

Depending on the composition and the origin of the breed, dogs are genetically predisposed to one climate or another. Thus we will never see shiver or get cold at typical Nordic breeds from Greenland such as the Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute, or the Eskimo Dog. This type of nordic breeds, in addition to his abundant fur Y his undercoat, they have one fat layer that protects them from the cold and makes being in extreme climates without passing a drop of cold in no time.

Conversely, our greyhounds or sighthounds lack undercoat. But it is that in addition to this, as we can intuit, they have no body fat, so that they do not save in his body no heat. In winter it's difficult not to get cold, for that and because its skin is very thin. Also it is important to protect it from scratches, cuts, cracks and friction.

blankets and pajamas for greyhounds for the winter

Beds with blankets for greyhounds

On house we usually have a good temperature, and it is true that it is rare that we see our greyhound shiver. But when we sleep to all the animals lower the temperature, since our body is in a state of rest. Therefore we cover up, and the greyhounds more of the same.

Since they are prone to do not retain heat, if it also lowers its temperature, they may wake up and feel cold during the night. That is why it is ideal that they have a warm zone where to rest, or a bed with blanket for greyhounds like the ones we have in our online store of products for greyhounds. There is different models to choose from, even portable beds for traveling greyhounds. choose between all beds with blanket for greyhounds what we have available on our website.

pajamas for greyhounds

And finally, as a novelty, completely ergonomic, very comfortable And why not say so, they are to eat them when they put them on, we have the greyhound pajamas. With all the love with which we do things at El Galgo Azul, so that they are comfortable and warm all night, uncover, move or run the New York marathon in dreams.

They are coral pajamas, with roll neck, which can be climbed by the coldest. With elasticated legs and zipper, will provide the furry ones with the comfort and warmth they need to spend restful nights without any interruption.

The warm nights well spent, are vital for your canine companion has the batteries charged in the morning. Take a look at all the models, the difficult thing is to discoverartar because you can't stay alone with one greyhound pajamas of all those make up the new collection.

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