Dog beach
Dogfriendy plans

This summer, live the beach with dogs!

At El Galgo Azul we love to enjoy life with a dog in all its facets: from a shared nap on the sofa, to rolling around together in the grass as puppies. And now that the warmth is approaching, what about a good dip on the beach? So that this summer you can practice our philosophy of life, we advise you and

Dogfriendy plans

Conquering Meadows

When you consider having a puppy, you ask yourself several questions. One of them is what will I do with him during the holidays? Well, I have to say, you can go on vacation with your dogs! He had always imagined what it would be like to travel by van, with the house on wheels, without plans, without direction. Well, as some of you know, this August

Dogfriendy plans

Doggy paradise beach

Life is to enjoy it. It is something that I set out to do at the beginning of 2015 with my pets. And yesterday was one of those days when we all ENJOY LIFE. They had told us about a doggy beach, where they are the kings. So we loaded the van with towels and some sandwiches, and left with

Dogfriendy plans

Nacho, look at the camera ... click!

I met Elena at the opening event of My Cake Barcelona, I had decorated the space and she was photographing the cakes and sweets. Few words and many cupcakes were necessary for our pets to come to light in the conversation. Elena was actually an "animal portraitist", something that pleasantly surprised me at first. Someone was professionally photographing

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