Types of Greyhounds
Types of Greyhounds

The different types of greyhound that exist in the world

Do you know the different types of greyhound that exist? Distinguished for their elegance and speed, these furry ones have managed to win hearts all over the world. Greyhounds have a long history dating back thousands of years. What's more, they are believed to be one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. They have been with us since

the kangaroo hound, the australian greyhound

The Kangaroo Hound, the Australian greyhound that is probably extinct

Throughout history there have been many changes in the breeds of dogs, and it is that if we see old photos, of how the breeds were at the beginning of their existence, with the first crosses, to how they are now, you can see a lot of changes. Today we are going to talk about some of the greyhound breeds that


The best accessories for greyhound lovers

At El galgo Azul we love to fill our furry friends with new ideas and accessories. But it's that from time to time it's time to focus on moms and dads with acute galguitis. Because there are no greater lovers of greyhounds than us, and you, who are reading this article; today we bring a compilation of those who like so much.

why do I see so many greyhounds on the street

Why do I see so many greyhounds on the street?

It is increasingly common to see dog moms and dads, showing off their greyhound on the street. And it seems that it has recently become one of the breeds that has become fashionable. Either because of their peaceful character, because of their good coexistence, how comfortable it is to live with them in a flat, or

articles for greyhounds that you must have if you want to adopt one in this 2022

Articles for dogs that you must have if you want to adopt greyhounds this 2022

Some of the main reasons why the greyhound breed is one of the most adopted is because of how calm and calm they are. They have a very grateful personality, they are very calm, they do not fight, they are not aggressive at all and they get along very well with children and other animals. They are quite affectionate although at first they are something

greyhounds need blankets and pajamas to sleep in winter

Why the skin of greyhounds requires blankets and pajamas to sleep well

Winter is already a reality and the plans for nature expeditions and long walks in the afternoon have been dissipating little by little. This does not prevent us from continuing to make the most of daylight hours to move our bodies a little and go for a walk with our furry one warmly dressed. But the nights ask for plans

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